April 19, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
Video Round up (it's been a while since we posted videos - click on links below)
  • School morning and everyone was up and nearly dressed at 7.  That is pretty early for us-well, the grown ups weren’t dressed yet so we still had to move quickly. 
  • Graham is such a big boy at school these days.  He was so proud to bring his eggs.  He told Mom that he walked all by himself to Ms. Maurie’s office to take his eggs.  Then he asked if I had an office. 
  • Campbell’s teachers were trying to get her to walk to me this afternoon-she could have cared less.  She was only interested in crawling out of her classroom.  They did say that she didn’t like her rice today.  Maybe we have found the first food that she doesn’t like!  Though at supper tonight, she started throwing food and had her food taken away from her-she was not pleased. 
  • Meanwhile, Nonna had picked up Reagan and Anderson and they spent the afternoon dying eggs and then having a big Easter egg hunt in Papaw’s back yard.  Papaw watched them hunt eggs and they were giving Nonna a good workout hiding, rehiding and hiding the eggs again. 
  • When it was time for everyone to come home, everyone was wilder than they could be.  Finally, I sent everyone outside to play and we stayed outside until Robby came home.  When he did, we had the options of bath or water hose.  The boys stripped and were ready to play in the buff.  Reagan wasn’t too sure but ended up playing/screaming the whole time.  The water was cold-icy cold!  Reagan was there to encourage Anderson to pour water on Graham’s head but when she got her turn-the neighbors could hear her scream!  Robby and I just stood at the door and laughed.  Campbell had gotten her feet wet and wasn’t happy at all.  She stayed in the house and busied herself closing the door when she thought they were too close to her.
  • Next up was supper, playing in the den and then dying Easter eggs.  The kids loved all of the choices of colors that we had.  The choices were probably too many so Graham’s eggs have a brownish hue!  Campbell even put an egg in the dye and Anderson was ready to get up and go in the front yard.  Anderson did his eggs quickly while Reagan would still by dyeing eggs if we hadn’t hurried her along.
  • I had bought Graham so new shoes today and they were a bit small so I returned them tonight while the kids sat outside and watched the neighbors.  Pretty exciting life, sitting on the sidewalk and watching someone cut down a tree.  The neighbor climbed to the top and cut off the branches and top.  Then he pulled down the rest with his truck-they kids were so excited.
  • Prayer time tonight and then a pretty easy bedtime.  Last night during prayer time, Graham must have been concerned about God hearing him because he was shouting so loudly “THANK YOU GOD FOR THE WHALE, THANK YOU GOD FOR WATER” He was shouting so loud the neighbors could hear!
  • I said bedtime was easy and it was for a few minutes.  It started to rain and Robby rushed out to move his car, then the rain and hail started hitting the windows and we commented that the kids hadn’t said anything.  Next up were the sirens and Graham was sitting up looking around.  They all moved downstairs quickly (we are getting the hang of it). 
  • Robby passed out graham crackers, I told a Bitsy Body story (Nonna used to tell us those stories) and we all sat on our pillows waiting on the sirens to stop.  Soon enough, they stopped and it was back to bed for everyone.  Campbell was so tired-she had just laid her head on the steps-it is tough being snatched out of bed.  Bedtime number 2 went easily too.
  • Anderson asked me about our state on the map as I was tucking him in again tonight.   He said that Mississippi was beside Arkansas.  Then he said that he hoped there wouldn’t be a storm for Josh and Zach.

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