April 30, 2011

"I know I saw a fish down there..."
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • The boys were the first ones to wake up this morning-they heard Robby in Grandpa’s truck in the driveway.  After going to downstairs to check things out, they were back upstairs rushing to put their clothes on so they could go with Robby to the dump.
  • When Anderson made it back downstairs, he started bawling.  I run downstairs and he sobs “Daddy left me.”  I quickly explained that he didn’t leave him, he just moved the truck to the other side of the house.  All was well then.  The boys were as happy as they could be driving to the dump.  Anderson said that the truck was “like a dump truck”-Graham thought that was so funny.
  • During the dump trip, the girls put on their clothes, had breakfast, wrapped a present, did the dishes and even had a snack.  We work fast around here.  The boys also made a trip to Walmart and bought a new fridge for our room (our old one finally bit the dust-probably because of all of the dust!)
  • When the boys and then the van made it back home, we loaded up and headed to the zoo.  It was free bicycle helmet day and even though we had some, we probably need some extras.  You had to go to different stations to earn stickers to earn the helmets.  Anderson learned “everything is medicine”-not quite correct.  Graham was terrified in the little house that you learn about fire safety.  We just stayed for the lecture and then I left with him before the smoke alarms and smoke started-Reagan and Anderson loved getting to crawl out of the window.  Reagan just wanted to go and see the animals.
  • Reagan and Anderson had pretty big heads and both got blue bike helmets.  Reagan didn’t seem to mind that the pink one didn’t fit her-probably helped that Lilly was nearby getting her blue helmet too.  It was nice because they are fit properly.  Graham was very proud of his and wore it awhile at the zoo.  Aunt Dana was there and he is a bit smitten with her so he was happy as a lark.
  • Back at home, Robby bought pizza and Grannymom and Grandpa came over to have lunch.  Soon Reagan and I headed off to a birthday party while everyone else played and played outside.  Campbell played so much and so hard outside that her pink pants are now brown (Nonna, they are coming your way).  They boys played too until it was rest time. 
  • Reagan had a good time at the birthday party and enjoyed playing Barbie in the other room with a school friend while the party was going on.  Back at home, everyone finished their nap and then woke up for a snack.  Robby and I were busy taking down a door, moving the tv cabinet over a few feet and moving the bench out of the house.  All of this for school in a few months or for a fish tank….who knows which!  Speaking of taking down doors, I do have a project for Grandpa.
  • Soon it was time to head to Kennedy, Camryn and Laynie’s house.  The kids enjoyed playing with the girls plus Jacob, Ethan and baby Hayley.  In the car, Graham asked what the baby’s name was, Reagan asked if it was a boy or a girl and Anderson asked where the baby was….I have some observant kids!  Ha! 
  • Campbell is still my eater-she ate more than all of the other kids combined.  But between her and Graham, there were more chocolate cake in their clothes than in their little tummys.  They had a great night and we left the house a wreck but the kids had a blast.  Another late night at the Dennie house.

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