Dennie Kids: April 15 2011

I want the power back on....NOW!

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • The morning started around 2 with the tornado sirens.  Campbell was up bouncing in her bed when I walked in and everyone stirred fairly well.  It seems like we have had a few tornado warnings lately so it was no big deal for them even though it was 2.  
  • After the sirens, they sat on the couch for a few minutes and had another cup of milk before heading back to bed.  I did have to go into the boys' room because I heard Graham talking about monsters and was afraid he would scare Anderson.  But other than that, they all went back to sleep and slept very well until garage sale time in the morning.
  • Anderson was the first one to venture downstairs to the garage sale this morning and he was followed by everyone else.  They could not have been happier to spend the day in the garage and front yard playing.  
  • Around 8 our transformer blew due to a tree down on lines a few houses down so we did spent the day without power (still off too).  This made corralling the kids a little bit harder since we couldn't flip on a movie for them.  They did enjoy the novelty of not being able to turn on the lights.
  • Mom had a meeting at work that lasted 2 hours so Grannymom and Dana had to manage the sale and the kids but everyone did fine and soon Nonna was over with kid food and their tummies were full.
  • Campbell had a nap while Anderson rode to pick up Cash and then Graham rode to pick up Lilly.  Graham has taken a liking to Dana and constantly wanted to know where she was and wanted to sit in her lap.  
  • Reagan was Miss Helper and wanted to put the money in the bag and write stuff down.  Even with all 6 kids here for awhile, they didn't scare of customers and we still had a few customers this evening.  
  • They played outside so long that Anderson's eyes were giving him fits.  I had to put drops in his little eyes twice and you know they are bothering him when he asks for eye drops.  Surely all of this wind will blow that pollen away!
  • Dad came home a few minutes early and we ended up eating out at Pei Wei and then going to Yogurt Mountain.  Reagan wasn't pleased with her chocolate bunny ice cream but did like her gummi bunnys in the ice cream.  Campbell ended up eating more ice cream than everyone else.
  • Back at home, we handed out flashlights and put everyone to bed.  Reagan asked if we would have to get up again in the middle of the night but I said I didn't think so (so glad that all of this doesn't un-nerve the kids)  
  • Everyone was exhausted from the day and Robby and I are sitting on the couch with out head lamps on our heads and using the internet with his computer hooked up to my phone (which is about to die).  Robby thinks that we have a cheesecake in the deep freeze so that will be out next project! (we sure don't want for it to melt!)

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