Dennie Kids: April 9, 2011

PURPLE Ice Cream!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Dad was the first one up and headed to Sams to buy mattresses for the new bunk beds.  While he was gone, Campbell woke up and started pointing downstairs.  She must have thought that everyone else was downstairs.  She isn’t used to waking up to an empty house. 
  • When Dad came home, Mom headed out and Campbell started on her second waffle.  Soon, the mattresses and bedding was on the girls’ beds and the rooms were finally taking shape (still need to hang a few pictures and then pictures are coming soon)
  • Mom then headed off to pick up Reagan and Nonna to go to a wedding shower.  Anderson was a little bit disappointed that he didn’t get to go but calmed when Mom said that the boy (groom) wasn’t there, he was fine.  Graham, on the other hand, thought he was going home and threw a knock down fit! 
  • The boys spent the morning riding bikes, playing outside, eating and having a good time.  Graham did see a cat in the neighbors yard.  He told Jason that he was ready to go inside.  They convinced him to stay out and Anderson was there to help.  He got Pop’s nerf gun, loaded it and said “where’s that cat?”  That’s my boy!
  • Reagan was quite pleased to be at the shower.  She saw Grannymom and even noticed that “lots of people told you congratulations”-amazing how word travels.  But she really liked the food-that girl had 3 cups of punch and two plates of food. 
  • Back at Nonna, the big 3 went to Beebee’s driveway and then couldn’t decide who would go in and ask for candy.  Reagan was on the bike and wouldn’t get off, Anderson wanted to get on the bike so he wasn’t leaving it’s side and Graham wasn’t going without everyone else.  Finally, Graham made it inside to get their candy-poor pitiful kids who so badly need candy.
  • Back at home we had candy and everyone played for a bit.  Soon Grannymom and Grandpa come over to see the new rooms.  The kids were so proud to show them off.  Soon it was naptime and Reagan really wanted to sleep in the room with Campbell.  Mom and Dad knew that wouldn’t work for nap but they let her try anyway.  As Campbell was screaming and Mom walked in, Mom saw Reagan laying there with her hand over her ear.  Reagan asked “does she do this every night?”
  • Graham slept in his big boy bed at nap.  Actually, there wasn’t much sleeping going on.  The boy said that he fell out of his bottom bunk bed.  Who knows how this happened because he is up against a wall, a headboard, footboard and a ladder and rail on the open side.  Silly thing must have been hanging out and just fell over the rail.  Whatever happened, he got back in bed (and that is what matters!)
  • After nap time, snack time and movie time, we headed to Purple Cow to meet Grannymom and Grandpa.  Reagan and Anderson had gotten a free scoop of ice cream from the dentist and have been waiting anxiously to use it.  They were as pleased as they could be handing the lady their tokens (Graham had one too from a past dentist visit) and then eating their purple ice cream.
  • We tried to the official 2 room bedtime tonight and it worked crazy well.  Campbell went to bed while everyone else brushed, changed and said prayers.  Next Anderson and Graham went to bed.  They talked some and Anderson asked for his eye drops but other than that we never heard from them.
  • Campbell was still up when we put Reagan in bed.  We were hoping she would be asleep.  Campbell made some noises at Reagan and then fussed a little.  Mom laid her down again and told Reagan to just tell her “good night Campbell” if she fussed.  She made a few more noises and then we didn’t hear from the girls again.  Wow, we can’t really believe that this worked so successfully (probably a fluke)!

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