Dennie Kids: April 7, 2011

Drawer full....
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School day this morning and everyone was pleased about going to school.  Graham didn’t fuss, Campbell was happy to go to school (she gets lots of attention and Mom even saw her getting to finish off someone else’s lunch today), Reagan said that a lady was in their class today watching Ms. Stacy and Anderson said that he played outside (so he had a great day too)
  • Dad picked up Reagan and Anderson from school and met Mom at the dentist.  As soon as Mom walked in, Dad walked out and went back to work.  Reagan was already in the chair getting her xrays.  They both do so good and are pretty brave-of course, the bribes of stickers, toys and new toothbrushes helps a little bit.  Just one cavity-Reagan had a spot on her tooth so we have to return.
  • Graham went to school in blue jeans that Mom had put patched on both news.   They were cute little football patches and she thought they would give him a few more wears-first time to wear them.  And what happened today-he tore another hole in them right above the patch.  Anderson has also torn holes in a pair of his pants this week.  I am working on getting shorts out right now so we don’t have to worry about holes in our pants!
  • Reagan and Anderson picking up Graham and Campbell from school.  Everyone was very glad to see each other and when we came home, everyone needed a snack and then the big 3 went out to play.  Mom and Campbell went upstairs to work on the big room switchover.  Campbell climbed on Mom’s ottoman, stared out the window, banged and yelled “way way” (Reagan) at her brothers and sister.  Kind of pitiful-but Mom really needed to work!
  • Dad came home and Anderson was devastated that we weren’t going to Purple Cow and using his free ice cream scoop tonight.  He just didn’t understand why even though Mom had tried to explain that we would eat there and we already had spaghetti made.  He finally calmed down and we all enjoyed our supper.
  • The boys helped Dad with the drill and took down one of the baby beds.  Reagan spent her time making hanger sculptures with zillions of hangers that Mom was throwing on the floor.  Since they had been to the dentist, our evening snack was candy! 
  • As Reagan was changing her clothes tonight-I noticed a rash all over her.  She hadn’t noticed and wasn’t itching but I then checked her temperature and sure enough, it was high again.  Even though she was feeling great, I made her take some Benedryl for her rash-she practically got sick drinking it (even though it is much better than the Tylenol).  Silly girl! 

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