Dennie Kids: April 3, 2011

Would you call this a smile?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Church morning around here and we were up and ready in time for a movie and breakfast on the couch.  Only one incident getting dressed, Reagan didn’t like the dressed I picked out because she said it was too short and didn’t look beautiful.  We found a dressed that was long enough for her and that was beautiful as well.
  • Graham went into class today without a fuss because Mr. Lynn was there.  He loves him.  But the highlight of the morning was seeing Grannymom and Grandpa in the hallway at church.  The kids have talked about it all day long.  And Reagan was happy to brag to the boys, that she even saw them two times at church today
  • As we were buckling up at church, Graham stood up in the van hanging outside and shouted “ding, ding, goes the trolley”  Most kids probably don’t play trolley, airplane, hotel and look at the map trying to plan our next trip.  The boys want me to find a monster truck museum for our next trip.
  • Lunch was at Nonna’s house.  The first question that Anderson can ask is what is for dessert?  He barely ate enough to get any but since we are softies we let him have some of the chocolate pie.  The kids loved it and even ate most of their slices.
  • Back at home everyone had a nap and it was pretty tough for us all to get up and make it to church on time.  Sunday afternoon naps are wonderful but having to wake everyone up isn’t any fun. 
  • After Mom and Dad finished their class and Reagan was done with choir we came back home.  Mom made everyone clean up the upstairs while Dad fixed supper.  Reagan cleans really well, Anderson does some, Graham needs constant direction and Campbell, well she spends as much time pulling things out as the rest of us do cleaning up
  • Supper and then play time before bed.  We have been making Anderson lay down at nap lately and he falls asleep (you must be tired if you fall asleep that quick and if you are that tired, then you need a nap).  The only thing about him taking a nap is he can’t go to sleep at night.  We has asked for a cover fix (approved), water (denied), a bandaid (denied), said his eyes hurt (approved-eye drops) and a bandaid (approved).  He still has at least another hour in him!

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