Branson: April 21, 2011

Woo hoo! Easter Egg Hunt & Trip Time!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • After Graham waking up like a bear yesterday, he and his brother were perfect angels this morning.  They called me and then we put on clothes before leaving their room.  After Graham had on his clothes, he went and got Anderson’s milk for him.   He has even become quite the pottier-pottied for me and then decided that he had some unfinished business and went to the other bathroom to potty there also.
  • You know that we have had some storms lately when Graham’s first words this morning are “it’s not storming anymore” and Anderson agrees with “we didn’t have to go to our storm place.” 
  • It took the girls a little longer to get around this morning but the reminder of an Easter party got Reagan moving.  We got to school a little bit late this morning despite an early start.  Graham must have forgotten that he had stopped fussing at school because he threw a fit today.  Actually, I had told him that Robby was going to pick him up and that caused him to get all upset and he hadn’t really calmed when he made it to school.
  • At Easter party time, Reagan smiled so big to see me.  I did the games for her class-pin the egg in the nest and an Easter egg relay.  I showed them how my egg would break and splat if dropped and then told them to be very, very careful.  And they were, the took so much time walking around the course-they didn’t know they were playing with hard boiled eggs and theirs wouldn’t splat on the floor like mine. 
  • When I showed up to Anderson’s class, they had just begun their Easter egg hunt.  He found his 5 eggs in no time and then helped others find some too.  What a cutie he was.  Next he was able to pass out his treat bags that he brought and then have a snack.  He later told me that he wanted me to stay at his party longer-made me feel bad but I promised I would next year. 
  • Grannymom picked up the big two and they spent the afternoon eating their candy and hiding eggs.  As you can imagine that were not happy to see me when I walked in the door to pick them up.  After picking them up we headed to pick up Graham and Campbell.  Graham was on cloud 9 and was trying to tell us about his day so fast that he couldn’t get anything out.  His teacher said that he had been saying all day that his Daddy was going to pick him up but he didn’t seem to mind that it was all of us.
  • Campbell was happy to see everyone as well.  By the time we made it to the car, we had 1 dirty diaper to change, 2 Easter baskets to find spots for, 2 diaper bags to check for papers and 2 lunch boxes to empty out milk cups.  It took us about 20 minutes to get loaded and situated to go and pick up Robby.
  • We made it to Acxiom and waited a few minutes for Robby and then we were on the road.  We even hit a Sonic happy hour along the way at 3:57.  Robby later asked why I hadn’t touched my drink and it was because I had to go to the bathroom-thankfully, there was a pizza place nearby and then I was ready to drink up. 
  • We made it Harrison and ate at Neighbors.  When we drove up, Anderson said “this is a fancy place.”  The kids devoured a bowl of spaghetti-Reagan even discovered how delicious it was to dip her bread in the spaghetti sauce.  This was pretty amazing seeing as how she never tries new things.  She was so proud of herself for trying and liking something new. 
  • We had fought a bit of rain the whole way here but by the time we were unloading the car at the hotel, a downpour of rain came.  Robby and I were drenched and shivering by the time we unloaded everything and everyone.  Sure is nice to back right up to the room and throw everything inside.  Makes things easy. 
  • To keep the kids quieter I had told them that there were “old people sleeping next door.”  That worked for about a minute.  They were pretty content standing around eating their Easter egg candy until it all ran out.  Then we had baths, opened our egg, said our prayers and went to bed….well, kind of. 
  • The bathroom is too small for Campbell to sleep in so she is near the sink with a sheet hung across the opening and she is going strong.  Tossing and turning and just when all is quite, she starts banging something or talking.  Graham can see me typing so he is continuously talking to me.  Robby turned on the water to help Campbell go to sleep but after Anderson asked “what is that noise?” and I explained.  He then shouted “but that is wasting” so we had to turn it off.
  • Reagan and Anderson are pretty quiet so much they must be asleep which is hard to imagine since Campbell and Graham are pretty noise and the thunder is really booming as well.  Campbell and Graham probably have about 30 more minutes of tossing and turning….unless Robby puts them out in the van first. 

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