Dennie Kids: April 1, 2011

Which one is the Monopoly Shark?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
(click here for a quick video of Campbell taking a few steps)
  • Reagan and Anderson were the first ones up and were up before 6:30.  That is a little bit too early for Mom and Dad on a Friday morning…but since Mom was going to work this morning we had to move quickly
  • Campbell must have known where we were going this morning because when we got on 430 she started squealing and grinning.  Everyone was super excited to be at Nonna’s house and they were all ready for Mom to leave
  • They had breakfast, put on their clothes, played outside-Graham was afraid of the cat, saw Beebee and Papaw and begged for candy, had lunch and played with every toy in the house.  When Mom came back after lunch, she made everyone pick up-and there was alot to pick up. 
  • Campbell fell asleep on the way home so everyone started nap time early.  Graham was out pretty quick and Anderson and Reagan played in their room until they started fussing.  Mom sent them to their beds and in a few minutes Anderson was asleep and Reagan called to see when she could get up.  Mom told her in 30 minutes and when Mom returned in 30 minutes, Reagan was sound asleep
  • Everyone woke up at about the same time.  The next activity was a movie, chocolate milk and a few nerds-which most spilled on the carpet.  But this was delightful for Campbell because she came along later and had a snack
  • When Dad came home, Mom headed out to see baby Hayley and when she returned, everyone had had supper and was playing.  Soon the big 3 wanted to play and game and Mom lead the crew in a game of Monopoly Jr.  And just like regular Monopoly, the game does not end.  The boys eventually quit and Mom and Reagan were still playing after an hour-Reagan finally won and was thrilled and Mom was relieved that the game was over.
  • Before bed, Campbell did surprise us all and show off by taking a few steps. It wasn’t too pretty but she was pretty proud of herself-it helps that she had 5 people clapping for her!
  • Finally, it was bedtime-we let everyone stay up a little later since their afternoon naps were so good (Campbell slept over 4 hours).  They still must have been tired because they were all out like lights.

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