Dennie Kids: April 16, 2011

Get that bunny away from me!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • Last night, we had a zillion flashlights laying around and Reagan used one to look through her hand at her bones and said “wow, God sure did a good job”-yes, He did!
  • Without the fan and music in Graham’s room last night, he didn’t sleep well.  He was up around midnight and after we had both gone into his room multiple times, I let him come in our bed.  After a few minutes, there was someone back in Graham’s bed-Dad!  Graham and Mom slept peacefully until Anderson woke up
  • When Anderson climbed down the ladder of his bunk bed this morning, he looked and saw Dad in Graham’s bed.  He then laughed and said “I thought that was Graham was the one snoring and it was Daddy”
  • Soon after Mom went downstairs to the garage sale (and it was quite spooky stumbling through the dark garage early this morning), the boys were hot on her trail downstairs.  The kids spent the morning in and out of the house.  They were mostly in the house today since it was so cold out there.
  • Once during the day, Mom left the garage sale and said she was going to go wash dishes.  Reagan knew the dishwasher wasn’t going to work and she asked Mom how she was going to wash dishes.  In a few minutes, Reagan came in to watch Mom wash the dishes-she had never seen Mom wash the dishes and didn’t know how it could be done without a dishwasher.
  • Soon Mom and Dad decided to hang some pictures (don’t worry, Grannymom was manning the garage sale).  Since Campbell was crawling around Dad put her in the bath and had Anderson take a bath with her.  Remember it was dark in the bathroom and we heard Anderson scream “Eww, Campbell pooped in the bath tub and I touched it, eww”  Poor guy, but don’t worry he was soon scrubbed down very well along with the bathtub (and Campbell is now grounded from taking baths at this house)
  • Two garage sale stories: this morning Nonna asked Mom for a “emery board” and Mom who was getting dressed and wearing a towel on her head heard “extension cord”  Mom started trying to tell Nonna where the extension cord was in the garage-Nonna was coming up the stairs looking strangely at Mom, Mom couldn’t understand why Nonna thought the extension cord would be upstairs and Dad was looking at Mom strangely from the bottom of the stairs. 
  • But that wasn’t as funny as crazy Mom, Grannymom and Dana yesterday.  Remember that the electricity had been off most of the morning.  But we still helped Dana move the shop vac, untangle the extension cord and plug it in so she could vacuum out her car.  When she flipped the switch nothing happened, Mom panicked since that was Dad’s new shop vac but then someone realized that we didn’t have electricity.  Oh, the trouble we went to!
  • Campbell snoozed while the other 3 watched the power men and Mom stalled before her shower hoping the lights would be on soon.  And of course, they did turn on right after her shower (no windows in our bathrooms so she had to hang her head lamp over the shower curtain rod).  When the lights came on, the kids squealed and yelled and were so excited.  It was funny how happy they were-Mom and Dad were just as excited but did refrain from yelling
  • Campbell had an Easter party at Aiden’s grandmother’s house this afternoon.  The first activity was seeing the bunnies-and Campbell wanted no part of it.  She was none too pleased about the bunnies-kind of funny since Mom thought she would have loved it.  Then they had snacks-grown up dips and kiddie food.  Campbell ate her kiddie food and then devoured Mom’s grown up food.
  • We hadn’t had time to practice hunting Easter eggs and Mom was worried how she would do but she definitely got the hang of it quickly.  Mom was holding her hand and she was holding her bucket.  When she saw one, she would stop, put her bucket down, bend down and pick up an egg, put it in the bucket and then pick up her bucket and start walking again.  Love it!  She even stole a few eggs during the group picture time.
  • Mom had to hurry home, to pick up Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Dad for Jacob and Ethan’s party.  They had helped Grannymom and Nonna load up the garage sale stuff and even had a nap while Campbell and Mom were gone.  They were excited about the party and were ready as soon as Mom pulled into the garage-Graham didn’t even have on his shoes.
  • The kids played basketball, climbed in the tubes, ate cake and were so happy about their candy take home bags.  No one wanted to leave after the party but Dad continued the party at Larry’s pizza.  That made everyone happy and they must have all been starving because they all had a slice of pizza and most of a chocolate chip pizza.  And the highlight was getting to play the games in the game room.
  • Before we left the house, Graham had on underwear and Dad put a diaper on top of his underwear.  Needless to say, after the party and then time in the Larry’s pizza game room-his underwear was wet.  But it wasn’t only wet-we ended up leaving that pair of undies at Larrys!  When we came home, Graham told Dad that he liked those underwear that Mom threw away
  • Home for a movie, prayer time, egg time and then bedtime.  During prayer time, Graham prayed and he was definitely hard to understand tonight.  When he was finished, Reagan said “what did he say?”  Dad said he was just talking to God and Mom added “in tongues”

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