Dennie Kids: April 6, 2011

Up or down but not sideways!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan woke up feeling well and told us that all she needed was a good nights sleep.  She blamed her sickness yesterday on Anderson who woke her up early.  She felt much better most of the day.
  • Everyone decided to wear their pajamas and that was fine with Mom since she was busy scrubbing the bathrooms.  We then made it downstairs for breakfast-jelly toast, poptarts, more jelly toast and more poptarts.  As long as I read, they eat and eat-Campbell finished off everyone’s leftovers
  • Campbell was quite the walker today-she is taking 4+ steps and can even stand up all by herself.  When we played parachute, she really went nuts and started walking and standing as fast as she could trying to grab that parachute
  • When Campbell had her morning nap, we played Monopoly Jr.  Well, the boys played for a few minutes and then they were done.  I finished off Anderson’s part and decided that I was going to beat Reagan and not let her win-that little stinker won even though I was trying to win
  • After our game, everyone went outside to play while Mom hosed down the little pack n play.  We played baseball, chase, monkey in the middle and catch.  Oh, we even watered Reagan’s plant and the boys watered empty pots
  • Lunch time which wasn’t too eventful, then working on Graham and Campbell’s new comforters, taking stickers off of the wall, a movie and reading with Reagan.  When Reagan woke up from nap, she felt warm to me but didn’t really have temperature according to the thermometer.  So she, Campbell and Dad stayed home.
  • Reagan didn’t feel bad this evening-she colored everyone pictures and talked Dad’s ear off!  Campbell was tired and fussy and ready for the crew to get home. 
  • Before we left for church, Reagan and Anderson confronted Mom asking if she was a puppet at Cubbies.  Mom played dumb and denied everything but Anderson saw Mom running late and going into the puppet room tonight and tried to tell her again that she was a puppet. So funny!
  • Graham was quite pleased that he saw Anderson on the playground and is such a big boy (except when he had to go into his class!)  Back at home, everyone had an oatmeal creme pie (thanks Ms. Jodee) and then went to bed. 
  • Part of Reagan’s prayer tonight was “God, keep us healthy until we die!”

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