Dennie Kids: April 5, 2011

No fussing at school = McD's Sundae!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School day this morning and who would believe it but Graham did not fuss.  It helped that his friend Ruthie was having her own fit or maybe it helped that Dad had mentioned he would get ice cream if he didn’t fuss
  • Reagan and Anderson had picture day at school.  Reagan said that the room they took their pictures in was a “fancy room with purple lights.”  Anderson said that they took a little nap in school (don’t believe it) and also said that he asked to color and his teacher said no (probably so).
  • When Nonna picked Reagan and Anderson up, she soon noticed that Reagan was pretty puny acting.  She didn’t eat anything, snoozed most of the afternoon, sat outside on a bike with her head down and was just pitiful.
  • Graham had a good day at school but didn’t even mention that he didn’t fuss.  He was sure happy to show his picture that he colored but he was disappointed that he didn’t get to paint today.  Campbell had a good day but had just woken up from her nap when I picked her up.  So that meant we had a long afternoon with lots of fussing and a cranky little girl
  • Pops and Nonna brought Reagan and Anderson home and Anderson was quite devastated when Pops said that he had to leave.  Anderson was not done playing cars but Pops stayed longer to play cars for a little bit more.  Reagan was still sickly and took her medicine-with a cup of sprite and a dollar bribe and after about 30 minutes. 
  • After supper, the boys went out to pick up ice cream and came home with a bunk bed.  They thought they were something else buying a big box at Walmart.  Graham did think he would be sleeping on the bunk bed tonight and was quite upset to be put in his crib. 
  • While the boys were gone, Reagan and Mom looked at the American Girl magazine and she perked up a little bit.  She even had more ice cream than the boys and then finished off 2 bowls of cheerios.  She was still feeling a little bit warm when she went to bed but not warm enough to start the medicine battle again. 
  • We all had our ice cream and then went to bed.  Oh, at supper we have started going around and telling our “high and low”-the best thing and worst thing that have happened today.  It is quite amazing that the kids get the concept-even Graham.  The lows for the day were not getting to color at school (Anderson), taking medicine (Reagan) and not seeing Momma at school (Graham).  The highs were Dad coming home (Anderson), drinking Sprite (Reagan) and bringing his windmill inside the house (Graham) 

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