Dennie Kids: April 13, 2011

Brushing for Dr. Jolley!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Pajama morning around here and it was pretty much a pajama afternoon too.  After breakfast, we played in the den until the washing machine people called
  • When the new washer came, Reagan, Anderson and Graham sat down in the driveway to watch the big truck, watch them unload the new washer and then take the old one away.  It was like Christmas (at least for Mom) and they loved watching all of the excitement.
  • Soon Grannymom and Grandpa showed up to work on their garage sale stuff.  All of the kids “helped” but the highlight was jumping on the crib mattress.  Immediately, they found things they wanted to buy in the garage sale but Mom made a deal with them: they could take one toy back in the house or they could take some garage sale money and go spent it at the store.  They all picked the latter.
  • Grannymom volunteered to switch jobs with Mom and she came in and fed the kids lunch while Mom worked on unpacking boxes.  Later, Reagan worked on writing out price tags for us.  Anderson enjoyed jumping off of a bin onto the crib mattress and Graham was right there with him.
  • Everyone took a nap this afternoon (even Reagan-it is really odd that she is napping now-must be the new room).  Soon Dad was home and we all had supper and then hurried to put on real clothes for Cubbies.
  • Graham fussed when he went in his class and later Mom saw him in the hallway, he had fallen on the playground and scraped his knee.  As he showed Mom, his little lip was quivering.  It was absolutely pitiful, Mom even thought about sending Dad to check him out.  But he walked back to class with Ms. Sonja carrying the crackers like a big boy.
  • Back at home, we rushed to put on pajamas, eat a cracker, brush teeth and say prayers before bed.  It was a busy evening and as Reagan laid down, she asked if there would ever be a day when we just stay at home.

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