Dennie Kids: April 2, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
Would you trust your child in a lake with these two?
  • Standard breakfast for everyone this morning-jelly toast for Reagan, waffles for Anderson and Campbell and a pancake on a stick for Graham.  Mom even let them have some juice-must be a Saturday!
  • Soon it was time for our big outing-we went to the mall!  Every time we drive by, someone asks to go there and they always want to get a pretzel.  They couldn’t believe that we were going there today and just to get a pretzel (Dad was doing a little bit of work)  After we are our pretzels, Reagan asked to go to the bear store and Mom told her we would come back some day and make a bear. 
  • Next stop was the grocery store-they had cookies out to sample and Campbell had cookie from head to toe-seriously.  We didn’t have the bag so Robby had to get some paper towels from the bathroom.  Poor Reagan was sitting in the car cart by her and was trying to climb out so she didn’t get messy.
  • We then had a picnic lunch on Grannymom’s deck.  The kids were about to devour their cake until they overheard Dad saying that it had coconut in it-he should have just said it had broccoli in it (or poison-that is what Graham says now about food)
  • After eating, we played on the swing for awhile and the boys rode bikes some.  Campbell wouldn’t show off and take any steps but she sure did love crawling around on the grass.  Back at home, it was naptime for everyone-Reagan and Anderson only rested and were soon downstairs interrupting Mom’s nap with their requests for movies, drinks and snacks (it’s a good life at the Dennie house)
  • It was Mr. Chad’s birthday so we went to his house for his birthday party.  After eating, we played on the swing set, rode in the paddle boat with Ms. Laryn and Sara Ashley, watched the ducks, threw rocks in the pond, ate cake and even ate some more cake.  Reagan said that this was the best day ever and she also said “this is the life!”-I agree!
  • Since Dad often tells Graham that he will have to go and live with Mr. Chad, he is a bit afraid of him and stuck pretty close to Mom and Dad tonight.  Though he did enjoy the paddle boat ride and even stayed upstairs with the boys for a few minutes.
  • Reagan hung out with Anna and Layne and she even asked to go inside to be with the girls.  Campbell enjoyed all of the attention from everyone but near the end, she was just ready to crawl around. 
  • Anderson came home a little bit wet.  Dad had sternly told them not to go near the water and after a few minutes of losing sight of them, Mom walked over to check on them.  She saw Reagan and Anderson chasing after the ball which was rolling quickly towards the pond.  Then she said Anderson running back and she could tell his knees down were soaked and he was screaming.  “My shoes!  The ball!  I can’t get the ball!  My shoes are all wet!”  He was near hysterical and probably afraid he was going to get in big trouble.  He didn’t since it was just an accident and since Mom saw what happened. 
  • Mom had to carry him to the fire for him to sit and warm up and dry off a bit.  He sat for awhile and even had some more cake until he decided he wanted to go inside and play upstairs with the boys.  The kids had had a blast and were ready to go home to bed! 

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