Dennie Kids: April 4, 2011

Go Huskies! Go Bulldogs!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan had school this morning and the boys some how think that they are getting to skip school on Mondays when Reagan goes and they don’t have to. 
  • Robby took Reagan to school while the rest of us put on clothes, did laundry, swept the floor, played cars, ate breakfast, read stories, rode bikes in the garage, cut coupons and hid from the thunder.  Actually only a few of us hid from the thunder.  It didn't really bother Mom and Campbell too much. 
  • Half way on the way to school to pick up Reagan, Anderson said “I don’t have any shoes on” and then he continued with “oh, yeah, they are wet from when I went into the lake.”  Mom wasn’t planning on anyone getting out so no one had shoes (though she did have them all with her just in case).  We really weren’t planning on getting out since Graham even had on big boy underwear.
  • On the way home from school, the boys told Reagan that it stormed while she was gone but we didn’t have to get on the steps (meaning there was no tornado).  Mom then had to discuss tornados, why we get by the steps and lots of other weather related things that she just had to make up!  Then the big discussion led to where Nonna gets if there is a tornado (we knew it was the hallway) and to where Grannymom gets when there is a tornado (we don’t know)
  • Next up was lunch-Mom tried to make the kids eat her pimento cheese but everyone except Campbell turned their nose up at it.  She doesn’t seem to turn her nose up at anything!  If she doesn’t start walking off some calories soon she will have to go on a diet!  We worked on walking tonight-she can do 3 steps if you are close by but other than that, she will just sit down and refuse to stand if she doesn’t think she can do it.
  • Soon it was naptime and Graham and Campbell were asleep pretty quick.  Mom worked with Reagan on her reading book.  Her story today that she read was: The Rich Pig.  A dog was in the park.  It was dark in the park.  The dog ran into a pig.  The dog said, “pigs can not go in this park.  Pigs live on farms.”  The pig said, “not this pig. I live on a ship.  I am a rich pig.”  The dog said, “take me to the ship.”  So the pig did.  But the waves made the ship rock.  And the dog got sick.  The end.
  • Anderson was equally surprising.  His workbook had the alphabet listed and he was able to fill in the blanks by writing the correct the letter.  He needed help on a few of the letters but he did very well.  It seemed like a few months ago he couldn’t write anything and now he is doing pretty good (no where near where Reagan was when she was his age-but that is the boy/girl difference)
  • After everyone woke up from nap, it was soon time to make our basketball cookies.  Yes, they were leftover Christmas cookies (I had tried to get the sprinkles out but decided that wasn’t worth it at all).  Everyone enjoyed stirring and especially dropping the drops of food coloring in.  Graham knew there was no way he could hold the food coloring bottle and “gently” squeeze so he just said “Momma, you do it for me.”
  • When the cookies were ready, we decorated them to look like basketballs.  The kids each did one and were all excited for Dad to come home to start our family night.  Campbell was awake when we were decorating cookies and she was so anxious to climb in a chair like everyone else (I wouldn’t let her) but once they had all left to play and my back was turned-little C was up in that chair grinning away.  Fortunately, I had already moved the cookies!
  • Last night, Robby told Reagan that we would watch the ballgame tonight (not knowing it was at 8) and Reagan begged for it to be a family night.  So we threw one together: hot dogs (standard basketball game food), beans (leftovers) and grapes (were round like balls until Mom cut them into pieces).  Then we colored pictures of the mascots and made our predictions.  It ended up that the girls picked Connecticut and the boys picked Butler. 
  • After supper, we had a few basketball games.  And then ate our cookies.  Then we had about an hour until the ball game.  So we changed into pajamas, had some juice, said our prayers, watched a slam dunk competition, put Campbell to bed, colored pictures of basketballs, watched the Star Spangled Banner and finally, finally it was time for the ball game.  And by this time, no one really cared.  When Robby would make a noise, Reagan would ask “did I win?”  Needless to say, the kids didn’t make it to halftime since it was well past bedtime!

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