April 18, 2011

An afternoon at the park!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone was ready to wake up this morning-we had big plans for the day.  Reagan was even ready before Robby and that is a rarity.  She can be a little slow moving in the mornings-actually, she is slow moving all of the time!
  • Robby took Reagan to school while the rest of us got ready and then had breakfast.  Then I noticed my phone and a text from Dad saying it was a bit chilly so we switched from our shorts to our pants.  The boys spent most of the morning playing in the garage while Campbell sat at the gate and cried (she can’t play in the garage while I am in the house working-don’t feel sorry for her! She is a drama queen)
  • After trying to pack a few snacks for the day, I decided that I had to have juice boxes so we ran through the store to pick some up.  And when I say run, I mean run.  I held Campbell and the boys sprinted behind me.  They can keep up when I have juice boxes in my hand!
  • We met up at the ball park with everyone and Anderson was so excited that he could hardly contain himself and Graham thought he was a stud muffin with 2 little girls from his classes there too.  Lots of people were at the ball game but we found a spot and settled in.  They had hot dogs and drinks for everyone and thankfully I had gotten enough for Robby and Reagan before they ran out. 
  • Soon Robby called and had picked up Reagan.  They met us and enjoyed their lunch.  Soon the kids were getting antsy for a snack.  Robby and the boys went to find something and came back with frozen lemonade and ice cream sandwiches.  The kids watched a bit of the game and we then went to the playground for them to play.  They played hard and enjoyed spending time with all of their church friends.
  • While the big 3 were on the playground, Robby took Campbell to watch some more of the game.  She had sat in her stroller the whole time and was content as she could be.  Until some boys were playing ball nearby and then “pop!”  The ball hit Campbell-Robby thought it just hit her tummy and it did, after it bounced after her little face!  She shook it off well and was happy when she returned to the rest of us.
  • I talked and talked on the way home, trying to keep everyone awake until we made it home.  I wanted everyone to sleep well for naps and they did.  Reagan never fell asleep but rested for awhile in her room before coming down to hang with me for a bit. 
  • Soon everyone was up and the doorbell was ringing.  It was a man in a suit with a name tag saying “VA Chaplain.”  My heart did skip a beat but I sure couldn’t figure out why the VA Chaplain was at my door.  He was at the wrong house!  And don’t worry too much about the neighbors, he was just picking up cookie dough!
  • Cheese and bean roll ups for the kids for supper and then Reagan and I went to a wedding shower while the rest of the crew headed to Sams to buy some milk.  Reagan was in heaven at the shower-wearing a dress, and a dress that you could see her back, strawberries and other fruit to eat, punch, Grannymom and Nonna-what more could a little girl ask for!  Meanwhile, everyone else was in heaven at Sams-icees!
  • Back at home, Campbell and the boys had a quick shower and then a movie before bed.  Graham was pretty wound up before bed tonight but settled quickly after he was shown the spoon! 

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