April 27, 2011

THAT'S a BIG Burger!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures) 
  • Around midnight, Robby walked by and heard Anderson trying to wake Graham up to tell him about his dream.  Robby went in to talk to him and he said that he was dreaming about falling down the drain.  I tried to tell him that he was too big to fall down the drain (thinking we were talking about the bathtub drain).  After we closed his door, Robby mentioned that Anderson was probably talking about sewer drain outside.  I asked why he would be thinking about that.  Robby then said maybe it had to do with him telling the boys that he would throw them down the drain as we were on our walk the other night.
  • Reagan had a big morning.  She had to go and get her filling re-filled at the dentist office.  She was a trooper and even wore the gas thing without any complaints.  The highlight of the visit was getting to pick out a prize as we left. 
  • Next up was a visit for everyone to the Nutrition Center.  They wanted to take some pictures of the kids while re-enacting some of a normal visit.  I didn’t know that I was going to be in the pictures too but unfortunately I was.  The kids had a blast playing in the playroom.  Campbell squealed when I sat her down in the room.  Graham and Anderson climbed until they were hot and sweaty. 
  • After lots and lots of pictures (including brain lab for Anderson-watch a Bob the Builder movie and having a snack made it tolerable).  We called Robby and picked him up for lunch.  Since we went to see his office this weekend, all the kids can talk about is the bowling pins and ball they have set up in the aisle.  When he got in the car, Graham asked if he had been bowling today.
  • Lunch at Cothams-including a big hubcap burger (the kids weren’t too interested in the burger but devoured the green beans, corn and mashed potatoes).  Graham wasn’t too keen on the spicy cornbread.  But we were all keen on the Mississippi Mud.  A big lunch and a big dessert-you would have thought that we were celebrating something….but we weren’t!-just lunch!
  • Back at home, everyone had a nap (including me) and then it was time to wake up and change out of our chocolaty clothes.  Graham only wanted to put on his pajamas and not another pair of shorts.  And he was even less pleased that we made him wear big boy underwear-I told him that Ms. Sonja said he had to wear big boy underwear this week so he did.
  • This was everyone’s last night at Cubbies for the year (next week is a party) and Reagan is pretty excited about getting a red Sparks vest and getting to say lots of verses each week.  Anderson is excited about getting to go to Reagan’s old rooms and Graham is happy about going to games and even getting a “Cubbie bag”-big time stuff!
  • We had one stop on the way home-Baskin Robbins for 31 cent scoop night.  The kids were very patient waiting in the long line, it helped that they were getting ice cream at the end of the line.  Since the seating was limited, we rushed home to eat and everyone practically ran to the table to eat.  All of the ice cream was devoured.  Reagan said that it was like an “ice cream family night.”  Anderson disagreed and said that it was like an “eating family night.”  Robby added that every night is an eating family night around here! 

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