January 4, 2012

Planning his next lego development!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton ate right before 7 and just a few minutes later, Reagan was yelling that she couldn't find her taggie.   I went up there and by then she had found it.  I whispered to her that it was after 7 and she could get up whenever and Campbell popped up and was ready to get out of her crib. So Campbell came downstairs to get in bed with me...and my constant bed buddy-Graham.  We should just put Graham to bed in our bed lately since he seems to be sleeping in it so often.  Kind of spooky, neither one of us knows when he gets in bed with us.  He must have gotten into bed fairly early last night because I kept having to move Robby's arm off of me and once when I did, I felt a foot on me-it had been Graham all along.
  • Keaton must have sensed a party in my bed and wanted to join in so she fussed until Campbell had said "Keaton crying, Keaton crying" enough that I had to get her up and this woke Graham up.  Reagan was down soon after and we all laid there for a bit.  Robby was already getting ready for work.  Anderson did come downstairs for a bit-he has his routines: today he went downstairs and then right back up to the toy room.  Some mornings, he will go and start himself a movie.
  • When Robby left, Reagan, Anderson and Graham came downstairs to tell him bye but Campbell just hollered from upstairs "bye Daddy."  She is getting so big.  Before too long this morning we had breakfast and then they all played until school time.
  • School went fine today and Campbell was even awake.  She was very upset with me that she didn't have any paper (worksheets) like everyone else (she only had coloring books).  I finally had to get her some paper like the rest of them.  She sat in her desk and worked most of the time.  Reagan put the papers that she was finished with on the floor under her chair, Graham and Anderson put their done papers in the bottom part of their desks-Campbell watched this and did both.  She just cracks me up sometimes.
  • After school, we had late lunch and then naps for Campbell and Graham.  Graham has learned that I will let him have milk if he lays down-and then he will pop back up ready to play.  When he came out today, I told him that he had to sleep until the middle number said 4 and I told him I would come and get him.  Since he doesn't really know his numbers-that bought me some time.  I actually did go and check on him when the middle number said 4 but he was sleeping soundly.
  • Keaton was not sleeping soundly.  I have pretty much held her all day long.  I could only put her down if I was sitting right beside her.  She was content if I was holding her but not pleased if I laid her down.  She could be sleeping and I gently lay her down and it would only last 10-20 minutes.  And then what does she do at church tonight? sleep soundly the whole time!
  • Before too long, we all loaded up for church-the boys had fun at Awanas and both said they enjoyed games tonight.  Graham told me earlier that he didn't like games because he had to wait-my Dennie boys don't like to wait.  Reagan's group went shopping tonight with her Sparks bucks and she said that she had 101 bucks and even saved some.  She bought a headband and a gumball machine.  She was so excited to bring that gumball machine and try it out.  When Robby explained that it took money, she looked so disappointed....until she understood that people would have to pay her to get gumballs.  Now this made her very, very excited!
  • We did airplane, brushed teeth and then everyone went to bed.  I have already been up there twice for Graham. The big ones are asleep and I heard Campbell shouting at Graham "quiet, quiet."  They must all be asleep now since the monitor is quiet!
  • Still working on my house pictures-just have to do the school room and the kitchen.  I am only taking pictures when the rooms are semi clean.  That is why their will be no pictures of closets-though on my list for this week it so clean the school room closet.  It has Keaton's clothes in it and I have just been throwing them in there when they are clean.  Seriously, just throwing them in there-so unlike me-but yet it feels good!

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