January 6, 2012-Happy Birthday Tara

Good time sliding!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • It must have been my birthday this morning, because we all slept until after 7:30.  Then one by one, the kids all came to our bed.  I served up breakfast and then had a shower.  My goal was to start school around 9 and we almost did.
  • At the end of school, I squirted some shaving cream on everyone's desks so they could clean it (I mistakenly thought this would have been fun).  And it was fun for the boys-they were all in it and even squirted more on their desks when I left the room.  Reagan acted like I had put a glob of poison on her desk and was near having a breakdown.  She found a dishtowel to wipe her desk with, got a spec on her hand and had to go wash it and begged for me to clean it.  Campbell followed Reagan's lead but enjoyed cleaning with the dishtowel and did her desk and Reagan's as well.
  • Everyone put their clothes on and we met a few kids at church to play on the grassy playground and ride bikes. Campbell never touched her trike but enjoyed playing on the playground  more.  Graham and Reagan pretty much just stuck by me-Reagan was about to ride a scooter for a bit but when I said she had to wear her helmet she changed her mind.  Keaton slept and ate during the outing and Anderson was quite the rider.  We just brought the scooters, Graham's bike and Campbell's trike but Anderson loved using Noah's razor scooter and Ethan's bike.  He was quite the speed demon.  He did fall twice but managed only to get just a scrape.  
  • At Gamble, we never really had much room to ride bikes but now, I am just waiting to get that garage and then I am going to fill it with new bikes for everyone.  And I guess it it time for Reagan and Anderson to learn how to ride without training wheels-Graham could probably learn too.  That will have to be my spring project.
  • Back at home, Campbell had a nap and I had the kids watch a Liberty's Kid video as part of "school"  We all laid in the schoolroom and they watched one and then watched 2 or 3 more of them.  Reagan and Anderson were the only ones who stayed awake for them-Graham, Keaton and I snoozed peacefully-a wonderful birthday present for me!
  • Before too long, it was time for Campbell to get up, Keaton to eat, time for supper, to change clothes and then time to leave for Griffin's birthday party.  Robby made it home and we headed out.  I really didn't know where we were going and thankfully Robby figured it out before we walked into the wrong place. The kids had a blast at the party-they loved jumping on the trampoline and crawling on the stuff.  And the boys loved the cupcakes (or at least the top of them) and both had 3. Campbell loved the cheetos and even sat in the floor with the bowl of cheetos in her lap.   
  • After sleeping all evening long during Griffin's birthday party, Keaton is now awake and is pretty intrigued by the Cotton Bowl-can't keep her eyes off of the tv.  The Razorback band is playing now and she is kicking her feet along with the music.

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