January 24, 2012

"It is okay if we pop these, right?"
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham getting in our bed in the middle of the night has just become a habit lately.  When Keaton ate at 5, Robby was surprised to see him in bed with us and I was too (much later when I woke up).  Our old comforter is just an extra blanket now in a trunk in the living room and it is Robby's favorite to get in the middle of the night if he is feeding Keaton or has gotten kicked out of bed by Graham or checking into our flights online (as he did this morning).
  • No one balked too much about getting ready today.  Anderson was snack helper today and this didn't sit too well with Graham.  Ms. Wendolyn said that he REALLY wants to be snack helper next month (we weren't able to this month because the only 2 spots left were when we will be out of town).  And then when I got in the car and asked him if he had a great day, he said "No, I wasn't the fish feeder."  Poor guy, just missing out on everything.  
  • The girls spent the morning with Pops because Nonna had to go in for jury duty.  She didn't get picked but did end up staying all day long.  She rode up the elevator with a news station and was sure dreading getting on a news worthy case.  The girls and Pops managed fine.  Keaton did have 3 bottles and Pops said that he held her all morning long except for 30 minutes when she was sleeping.  She is still perfectly happy and one of the best Dennie babies but she is not as content as she used to be.  I think it is because she has a little tooth that is about to pop out soon
  • This afternoon was spent with a fit by Anderson, a fit by Graham and then a fit by Reagan.  I could tell everyone was tired and thought about letting/making them take a nap but since we have to wake up a bit early (4ish) I thought an early bedtime was more important.  We muddled through school-Reagan got mad at Graham and then was pretty ugly so she ended up getting a spanking.  Don't feel too bad, that spoon barely touched her-she gets pretty hysterical if you just look at the spanking spoon much less use it.  
  • The boys did finish their school work and went to play upstairs but they just can't stay away too long so soon they were back downstairs.  Reagan had about 20 more minutes when the neighbor rang the doorbell and asked for them to come and play.  I said they could in 20 minutes and that encouraged Reagan to get it done.  I had a grid for her to write her numbers (1-100) and told her to just write to 20 today so she could finish faster and she wanted to write them all.  Finally, I made it clear to her that she could do it another school day and this would help her finish and get to go outside.
  • After about 30 minutes outside, Reagan and Anderson came in and I went out to work on loading the car.  Graham and Campbell helped me.  Then I had to call everyone back outside because much dog food had been spilled by someone (probably Anderson but he vehemently denies it).  So I made them pick it all up-well, they did pick up most of it.  I tried to make the dog eat the spilled food but she didn't even want it.  So I had to shovel it up and throw it away from the house.  Robby doesn't need another shed visitor.
  • Nonna and Pops came over and helped pick up the toy room, give Keaton a bottle, give baths and ate supper with the kids.  The kids were hungry because they pretty much devoured their suppers.  Then they did a little popping on some packaging from Keaton's many cans of formula that arrived in the mail today.
  • After that, it was bedtime.  I have 4 sets of clothes laying out upstairs hoping that we wake in enough time to change everyone without a big ordeal (Plan B is to load the kids in their pjs and lug around another bag of clothes from plane to plane).  I will have enough lugging as is...5 car seats, 4 kid backpacks, 1 diaper bag, 2 other backpacks, 2 suitcases, 2 strollers and 5 kids.  

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