January 9. 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Keaton woke up to eat at 12:30 and 5 last night.  She must be going through a growth spurt because she has eaten all day long today too.  Before we knew it, it was already 7:30 and everyone was rushing around getting ready.  It is a good thing that clothes are laid out, lunches made and shoes by the door on school days or we would still be running around trying to get ready.  Robby volunteered to take Anderson to school so we wouldn't have to leave quite so early.
  • So about 20 minutes after Robby dropped Anderson off, we dropped Reagan off at school.  Reagan was happy to go back after the break and walked right in.  Campbell tickles me-it has been over a month since taking Reagan to class but she just waltzed on in front of us right to her door.
  • Robby made his second trip to church to pick up Anderson.  Anderson had a good day since today was birthday bash.  Oh, at home, Graham and Campbell helped me empty the school room closet and straighten it up.  Keaton laid on the floor and watched.  We also switched out Keaton's clothes to 3-6 month clothes.  The closet is now straight but you can't really tell since it is my "catch-all" closet.  But it is better.
  • We had our lunch, finished the closet, watched a movie while I cut coupons, read a book, Campbell had a nap and we also made a huge train track.  And then it was time to put the two sleeping girls in the car and head to pick up Reagan.  I thought I was leaving a few minutes early and came prepared with snacks for everyone but we made it with just a few minutes to spare.  I was hoping to get there early enough to play on my phone a bit. 
  • Reagan had a wonderful day at school.  She had made a moon jellyfish and told us all about it.  We even watched a few videos about it on the phone later in the day-one video probably went to far and showed us stings from a jelly fish.  As I tucked in Reagan she was worried that there was a jellyfish in her bed-I had to explain that they couldn't live out of the water. 
  • When I cleaned the closet, I made everyone a school box with their own colors, scissors, glue, pencils...in their desks.  They must have thought this was the best thing ever since we all sat in the school room for an hour this afternoon.  They colored, glued and made all kinds of things.  
  • Robby brought home pizza and after supper, we read a few books and did the airplane.  By then it was bed time-and the party was just starting in their room.  They are all going strong-we are in the bedroom watching the game and can hear everything they say on the monitor-very funny.
  • Campbell is crying in her bed (because she just got into trouble for taking off her clothes and diaper off).  Anderson said "Campbell do you want Mama?"  She replied yes and then sweet Anderson said "well, she is going to come up soon in the morning."  Now they are discussing when it will be morning.  Reagan suggested counting to 100 and then counting back and it would be morning (some nights seem like that they pass that quickly to me)
  • Yesterday, I was changing for church and just had on a fitting undershirt.  Graham stopped me and asked "did Keaton come out of these top bumps?" and put his hand on my chest.  Um, no.
  • Also yesterday, I accidently put Graham's pants on Anderson and when I caught my mistake, he said "do you want for me to look like a total dork?"-where did he learn that? 

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