January 20, 2012-100 Days of School!

Celebrating the 100th Day of School!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
(Click here for a video)
  • Keaton woke up right before 7 and soon Graham was calling from upstairs that he had woken up. It didn't take too long for Campbell to decide that she also wanted up.  And since today was the day of the big party, everyone was ready to get their clothes on.  
  • Reagan has been so excited about today and picked out her outfit earlier this week.  And we had to put her pony tail to the side as well-that was all in the outfit plans.  Campbell also now has her own ideas about how I do her hair.  She always brings me two ponytail holders so I can make her dog ears.  She must know how cute she looks wearing them.
  • Reagan had a gift for me for the 100th day of school.  She had made me a picture of 100 kisses for the best teacher ever (I added that last part)!
  • I made 100 sandwiches while the kids had breakfast (mini sandwiches-I was able to cut 6 per sandwich).  Then my shower, picking up the toy room, brushing everyone's teeth and then it was time to wake Keaton up for a bottle before everyone arrived.  I fed her while I read a few 100 days of school stories to the kids.
  • I had set the date for today's party just guessing when our 100 days of school would be and it just so happened that today was our exact 100th day of school (since Reagan missed Monday).  I can't believe that we have already had 100 days of Kindergarten.  It has been lots of work and not always easy but it has been a wonderful 100 days of school.  
  • Around 10 the guests started arriving: Noah, Eden, Lilly, Kennedy, Ethan, Brody, Alyssa Kate and Caroline along with Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton.  Everyone had decorated their 100 glasses and we donned them.  Reagan had even collected 100 seashells, Anderson had counted 100 cars, Graham had counted 100 silly bands and Campbell had 100 acorns found and counted by Reagan.
  • The first thing we did at the party was to let the kids play and play they did.  Those kids played with every toy that we own and could have played upstairs happily most of the day.  But our first item on the agenda was counting the canned food that we had collected.  Each kid brought 10 cans and we ended up with 110 cans.  We all sat and counted by 2s until we had finished with our cans.  Then it was time for a group pictures in front of the cans that we will donate.  Sometime today, Reagan said that we would be able to feed alot of kids with the food that we had collected.
  • Then everyone found two rolls of pennies and then it was to the kitchen to make their own snack mix.  Everyone had a grid of the numbers 1-100 and we passed the 10 bowls of treats and filled in 10 numbers at a time.  It is amazing the difference in the kids-the kindergartners all did great and understood just what to do.  Anderson (pre-k) understood the task and did just fine.  Graham, Caroline and Eden are about the same age and the girls did a bit better on it than Graham.  Though Graham finally caught on and when the bowl came his way, he just took a handful and dumped it on his number grid.  And then there was Campbell, when the bowl came her way she would throw a few pieces on her paper and then just eat and eat out of the bowl until we took it from her to pass it along.
  • We then bagged up their snack mixes (or what was left of it) and then took their number page to the living room where they discovered all of the penny rolls had been unrolled and were in a pile in the floor.  That was 1100 pennies that Ms. Candace brought!  The boys immediately scooped them all towards then until we explained that they were only allowed to keep 100.  It didn't take long for the 100 charts to be filled up and those pennies were bagged for everyone to take home.  They did the same as before-Kindergartners and Anderson did great, the others did fine and Campbell just spent her time filling her bag FULL of pennies.  Forget only 100 pennies for Campbell, she filled her bag FULL of pennies.
  • Then it was time for lunch.  We had 100 sandwiches, 100 grapes, 100 carrot sticks and lots of other goodies.  The kids ate and ate for awhile (especially considering how much snack mix they had already eaten).  Then they were back upstairs to play.  We let them play longer while the grown ups talked.  By now Keaton was stirring so she started a bottle.
  • I probably should have let her stay in bed for a few more minutes because the next activity was balloons.  We had 100 balloons blown up and Campbell and Brody were able to play with them for a bit until the big kids came in.  We finally let them downstairs and it was chaos.  Surprisingly, 100 balloons didn't take too long to pop.  I thought that Keaton would have been bothered by all of the popping but she didn't mind at all (probably sounded the same as a normal day around here).  
  • Everyone got to be pretty good at popping the balloons and imagine all of the balloon pieces.  We picked them up and then Anderson decided that he needed to make a trail with them and then we picked the pieces all up again.  After all of that work, the kids needed a snack and we had 100 cookies to eat.
  • Soon everyone started to leave and since it wasn't raining then, we all went out to run 100 yards.  Noah and Anderson were the first two to go and everyone was quite surprised at how far they had to run to get to 100 yards.  Before long the kids were all running.  Reagan ran with Alyssa Kate and Kennedy.  You can tell that Reagan's foot is still a bit sore and she is limping a bit but that didn't slow her down much.  Graham and Caroline ran together to the flag too.  I was very surprised that he made it that far but with everyone cheering for them they did great.  Campbell even got in on the action and ran as well.
  • Everyone left and Campbell was put to bed and Keaton by now was sleeping in the swing.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham watched a movie while I picked up the house.  I had almost finished with the house when Grannymom came over to pick up Anderson for her night at her house.  We was pretty happy to go but first he wanted to put his pennies from the day into his new bank jar from Nonna.  Robby saw a picture of Anderson tonight eating cotton candy so I am sure that he was having a blast.  
  • Robby came home early and I sat down to feed Keaton.  She fell asleep and I thought that was a good chance to catch a few zzzzzs.  It had been a busy day so far.  I then put the food for Bunko in the oven and the girls helped me wash the fruit.  Next I had a shower and seriously thought about staying in my robe for the rest of the evening but opted not too.
  • Right before the bunko group arrived, Superdad headed out with the kids to Larry's pizza in Bryant.  And he said it was crazy crowded.  The had to wait 15 minutes for a table and that is a long time waiting with a baby in a carrier, a 2,3 and 6 year old.  The kids ate their few bites of pizza and then they were ready to go and play.  Robby didn't even manage to get any dessert pizza.  
  • Reagan has learned the importance of winning tickets and that is all she wanted to do.  Robby was able to explain the Deal or No Deal game to her.  And 2 different people gave her their tickets-they had nearly 500 tickets.  Everyone got a huge pixie stick and they even remembered Anderson and bought him one.  And had tickets left over to buy Reagan a few bracelets and lollipops for everyone.  It was a big night.
  • And then Robby had to run into Burger King for a mystery shop so they even had the chance to slide and play there.  When they came home, they were worn out.  Campbell snuck downstairs after putting on her pjs to see the bunko girls. She did not want to leave the party happening downstairs.  Robby finally tempted her to come upstairs with her paci and soon Keaton was summoned to the living room and she spent the rest of bunko time with us.
  • After everyone left, I realized that it is a lot easier to clean up from Bunko than it was to clean up from the 100 day of school party!  When I went upstairs to check on the kids, they were sound asleep and had not moved at all.  A very good day-we even decided that our 100 Day of School party will be an annual tradition.  

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