January 11, 2012

Discovering Angry Birds!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Before I knew it this morning, Campbell was snoozing beside me and Robby was telling me that he was going to work.  I asked the obvious questions "why?" since it was before 6:30.  Soon my bed was full of 4 more kids and we managed to do nothing until pretty late in the morning.
  • Campbell has gotten pretty good at taking Keaton's bib off and saying "wet" even if it doesn't yet need changing.  So today during school, I looked down to see Campbell had unbuttoned Keaton's clothes and was taking them off.  She had the next set of clothes nearby and just looked at me and said "wet"
  • Sometime after school, Anderson found the Angry Birds game on the tv.  I know, just last night I was talking about video games and the kids.  And then today they find Angry Birds.  Let me tell you, I had never seen those kids so excited.  The whole sight of them screaming, yelling, even blowing on the tv trying to make those pigs fall was hysterical and I lost all track of time.  We didn't even eat lunch until after 1-thankfully, Anderson doesn't know how he found the game on the tv.
  • I made a cake today for Grannymom's party and Anderson was quick to tell me that he liked Grannymom's cakes better because they were shaped like a donut, had a whole in them and were big.  
  • Well after all that Angry Bird playing, the kids decided that they would play Angry Birds while Campbell had her nap.  I am not sure how the rules went but it involved 2 people standing on my bed, someone else throwing a stuffed animal at them and then the ones on the bed would fall off.  
  • Before too long, we were loading up to go and see Beebee.  On the way, Anderson told me he had to go to the bathroom and I had forgotten until he reminded me.  Beebee told us to use hers and we went in.  It had the large handicap potty seat over it and Anderson made it clear he was not using it.  I pulled it off and he did his business.  Campbell and Graham were in the bathroom with us and I said "don't touch the potty" and Anderson finished "because old people use it!"
  • When we drove up to church after grabbing supper at Sonic, Campbell was quick to shout "Rearea school!" She was so disappointed when I told her that she was going to her class too.  Campbell has gotten very good about telling us when Keaton is crying and will shout "crying, paci" or "crying, milk" depending on what she thinks that Keaton needs.  Very, very helpful.
  • I talked to the puppets tonight during Cubbies and the boys were so interested and excited about seeing me in the room and watching the puppet show.  It was quite entertaining.  Reagan was happy that she got another pin for her wings in Sparks (even if it was for attendance).  And she earned an extra buck for saying a verse in sign language.  
  • There are a few pictures from Friday of our bike riding at church and Gavin's birthday party.

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