January 12, 2012

First Movie Night
in the new House!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Another school day around here.  No one was hit with a block today so that was a good thing.  Graham said that they played lots of games in his class but they read a book and it was too long.  Anderson said that he played on the computer two times because he was the best behaved (I believe the two times part).  
  • Anderson did get a birthday invitation today from the block thrower and I called to tell her that we wouldn't be able to come.  I dialed the phone and said that I was Anderson's mom.  It sure seemed like to me that their was an awkward pause on the other end-I think she was thinking I was going to say something about the block incident.  I just wanted to RSVP and mark it off my list.  She did mention the block incident and apologized and I said it was no big deal.  
  • The girls had been busy today at Grannymom's house.  They painted and Reagan was quite pleased that I forgot to send her work to do.  When we made it there, I decorated Grannymom's cakes, everyone ate lunch and then we played for a few minutes before going home.
  • The kids played for a bit before school and then we started school.  Reagan was in no hurry today to get her work done and it is crazy hard for me not to rush her.  Only about half of the things she can do independently and the rest I need to be around to hear her read it or check it.  So until she finishes, I am really not finished yet either and can't start doing something else.  
  • Keaton spent most of the afternoon asleep and then woke up as fussy as she could be.  She had one bottle and just was not satisfied.  It must have been a bit of gas but she also wanted another bottle.  After that, she still wasn't happy and was tired.  I walked with her and got her to sleep and then laid her down and she immediately started screaming.  So I just left her to cry (about 5 minutes) and that was around 6 and she is still sleeping-better go wake her up!
  • We had supper-potato soup-and Robby told the kids that we could make cookies or have a movie night.  They unanimously picked a movie night but the deal was they could only come if they ate their supper.  Campbell was oblivious that we were even having supper, Anderson was the first to finish (he thought it was only "partly good", Reagan finished after I had finished sweeping the kitchen (she was too busy talking and fretting about not getting to watch the movie that she didn't eat for the longest even though she liked the soup) and poor, poor Graham.  Graham was the last one to leave the table.  He ate a few bites but while he was sitting there crying (maybe because I was turning off the kitchen lights) I offered to help him eat it.  After he gagged twice, I called the meal done and gave him a pardon for not eating his food.  I had just cleaned the floors and didn't want to have to mop!
  • Afterwards, Graham was walking up the stairs with me and asked if I would cook something yummy the next night-I don't really try for "yummy" anymore, I just try for edible.
  • We gave everyone but Keaton a quick bath and then it was movie time.  Robby hooked up the projector and we laid out the sleeping bags and popped popcorn.  This is the biggest thrill to the kids!  Everyone paid pretty good attention to the movie-Campbell really only paid attention to the popcorn!
  • After the movie, it was bedtime.  Anderson had just had water before we went upstairs but decided that he needed more.  Robby told him it was too late and he went to bed fairly easily.  Then I heard a parched, low growl over the monitor whispering "water, water"-pitiful.  I did give him water but told him that he would have to go to bed 10 minutes early tomorrow.  He probably only agreed because he knew that I would forget about that by tomorrow.

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