January 22, 2012

Maybe Dad should
turn up the heat!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Around 3, Graham joined our bed and at 5, when I headed to the chair to feed Keaton, Robby couldn't understand why until he saw Graham in the bed.  He then asked "where did he come from?" like he had never seen the child before.  After Keaton finished her bottle, I squeezed back in bed and we all slept until 8.  Anderson did wake up at sometime and joined us.  He doesn't last too long in bed though because as soon as that clock clicks to 7, he is up headed to watch a movie.  Robby ended up having to wake the girls up though.
  • I lay out the kids clothes on Sundays and on most days of the week.  Usually, I do let Reagan change her clothes if she wants to something else but on Sundays that really isn't much of an option since I would prefer her match and we are usually running behind.  So every Sunday, what she wears is an issue.  And of course it was today as well.  We have some dresses that are winter but sleeveless and she wants to wear them (we don't have a sweater so that won't work but she thinks wearing Campbell's sweater would be fine-no, the sleeves only reach Reagan's elbows) or she wants to wear a pantyhose dress with her denim leggings (that she tries to wear everyday) or wants to wear her black boots with a brown dress.  Next time we get ready for church, I will just have to let her pick her clothes out on Saturday night so we can have our battle earlier.
  • Powdered donuts calmed everyone down and made a mess of the kitchen.  Luckily, we have our sweeper and the kids love doing it-well, that may be an overstatement.  They do it without too much complaining.  Usually, I have Anderson sweep after we eat but today the mess was so bad that Reagan had to help him.  The mess was so bad because Campbell smashed her donuts and when Graham shouted "look, it is snowing" this just encouraged her.
  • Everyone had a good time at church.  During worship care, Robby was in Keaton's class and I was in another class.  Church went long, very long, and I could see Campbell so I had her teacher send her to me.  Robby had to leave his post to go and get Reagan and Anderson since their class is full of kids whose parents are in Sunday school so they were all picked up.  So then he delivered the 4 to me while he finished with the baby room.  After his class cleared, he picked up the kids and headed to the car to wait on me for the parents to come and pick up the last few kids in my class.  Hmm, wonder why we are always exhausted on Sunday afternoons?
  • Lunch was at Nonna and Pops' house.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham all said that their high of the day was riding on Jason's back when he was playing horse.  It is the simple things in life.  
  • We came home and Campbell, Keaton and Robby slept.  Then Graham came and sat by me and we were soon sleeping as well.  Anderson was in the school room watching a movie-covered from head to toe with a blanket.  Reagan was laying in their school chairs.  I never understand these kids-why don't they lay on the floor with a pillow but no, the sit in those chairs to watch a movie.
  • Robby ran to a few grocery stores while we had supper.  He made it home and it started to rain and thunder.  He was in the shower, I was upstairs and the kids were all in the living room when the lights flickered.  They did go out for probably 3 seconds and that was long enough for Robby and I to realize that the boonies are dark when the lights go out.  He shouted to me from the shower to go and find the flashlights but I was already walking down the stairs on my way to get them.  I think I might should have put a few more flashlights on my Christmas list.  And speaking of storms, I can hear the tornado sirens here if I am standing outside and the weather is quite.  But I can not hear them inside the house and they certainly would not wake me up like they did on Gamble,  so you have permission to call me (even in the middle of the night) when we need to duck and cover.
  • After picking up the toy room tonight, the kids started dancing.  Well, that is how it started with Reagan and Anderson but soon their dancing ended up in a shoving match.  Graham and Campbell were not going to be left out and were soon dancing (holding hands singing doodoodoodoo).  Cutest thing-I should have gone to get my camera but I didn't want to miss any of it.
  • Then it was bedtime and since Graham had a nap today he was pretty wired still.  Wired enough that we heard Reagan screaming for us-Graham had gotten his leg stuck on the bed.  I freed him and hopefully all will calm down now.  We have been having an epidemic of kid getting stuck around here...Campbell got stuck in Grannymom's pantry, Anderson put Graham in our coffee table trunk and Campbell became stuck under a bed at Jacob's house.  Reagan, Anderson and Keaton better watch out since they will probably be the next ones to get stuck somewhere.  

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