January 19, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School morning-it seems like every night before school Robby and I stay up crazy late and of course we did last night as well.  So needless to say, we were pretty sluggish.  Robby fed Keaton sometime in the middle of the night and sometime after that Graham came into our bed.  And before 7, Anderson was there as well.  He asked me if Robby had already gone to work and I said I didn' t think so.  We had actually just pushed him out of bed and onto the couch.
  • Graham wears a pull up at night and just about every morning it is wet (and even when it isn't wet), he changes into underwear and even new pj pants which he doesn't need.  He does all of this in the dark closet since he can't reach the light switch.  Then he goes downstairs usually in the middle of the night and in the dark.  This morning Anderson must have had too much to drink because I found his wet pjs.  I changed his sheets but never thought to check Graham's bed so at bedtime we discovered that his sheets needed washing as well.  4 loads of laundry today!
  • Work for me, working at home for Robby, Grannymom's house for the girls and school for the boys.  Reagan made a snowflake and a baton at Grannymom's house.  And the boys both climbed into the car talking away so they must have had a good day. 
  • Ms. Wendolyn did say that Graham told her he was going to Disneyland and she said "oh, you are going to California?" and he said "No, I am going to San Diego."  Sometime you think that they are not listening but seems like they usually are.
  • Apparently the kids have planned a roller coaster.  They have mentally designed a roller coaster that they can ride in by themselves to Grannymom's or Nonna's house.  Where ever they would like to go the coaster will take them-will even have a buckle for Keaton's car seat.  Also, Anderson encouraged me to turn my van into a rocket ship.  I told him I didn't know how so he showed me by opening both doors and saying that they were the wings to the rocket.
  • After lunch at Grannymom's house, we loaded up and headed home.  We started on school and pretty much finished (well, we did finish the important things) when Nonna and Pops arrived.  We convinced them to stay around long enough for supper and the kids enjoyed playing outside with them and playing trains with them as well.  
  • By the end of the evening, Anderson was completely exhausted and had a melt down.  It was pretty pitiful and after his timeout, he came downstairs and just cried.  A bath calmed him down and Graham and Campbell joined him.  
  • Reagan was busy preparing for the 100 Days of School party tomorrow.  I cut out 100 strips of paper, she numbered them and stapled them together.  It took her awhile but she stuck with it until it was finished.  It is now hanging on the fireplace awaiting the party....
  • Speaking on the party, Robby and I just blew up 100 balloons-thankfully, we had an air compressor but still 100 is alot!  

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