January 3, 2012

Trying out Mom's
new apple peeler!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton didn't sleep through the night as usual but had a 4:30 bottle.  She is so good because when it was done, I laid her back into bed and she went right back to sleep-well, I guess that she did-I did.
  • I dropped everyone but Reagan off at my Mom's house this morning.  They had a big time and enjoyed playing with Nonna's toys.  They even set a cup of water outside in hopes that it would freeze but the sun prevented that.  It is quite the big deal to them when I leave and when they can have lunch at some bodies house.  If I stay or if they don't get to have lunch, then they are always disappointed.  
  • I ran to work to pick up some papers and then saw one child before heading home to do some work on their toy room.  We bought 5 cabinets to be filled with bins and I filled every one of them up.  Which is kind of strange because everything had a spot before I started but it doesn't feel as cluttered.  All of the bins/drawers/boxes now have labels on them.  Reagan was quick to point out that the boys couldn't read and that she would read it to them.  I told her that Daddy could read and now he could help clean up too.  Reagan said that cleaning up now was "so much fun"-oh, I love that girl!
  • As soon as I walked back into Nonna's house to pick up Reagan, Campbell came running up to me asking "ReaRea?" She wanted to know where Reagan was.  Reagan had spent the morning at Kennedy's house.  Reagan's report about the day was: the played polly pockets, played on Kennedy's pretend computer, Ms. Jodee read them a book about a girl who had a dress and the dress became a shirt, then skirt, scarf, socks and eventually a bow and then they had pb and j for lunch with some type of crescent chips and then they painted.  Busy day.
  • We picked Reagan up after leaving Nonna's house and then headed home.  Campbell fell asleep on the way and soon the rest of us had a snack and then chocolate milk before starting school.  Everyone sat at their desks most of the time and were as happy as they could be.  I loved it because usually someone is on the floor, the crayons spill and it just becomes a mess.  They kept their papers neatly in their desks-oh, it was so very nice (though I know this is just the honeymoon phase with their desks).
  • I had alot of work for the boys to do today and Anderson plowed along finishing all of his. Graham did most of his but stalled when Reagan pulled out her math blocks.  Since Reagan's work is more involved, they always finish before she does and this bothers her.  They did stay downstairs in my bedroom playing with her math blocks until she was done-I don't really know if playing would be the right term-it was more like fighting/wrestling and screaming with the math blocks.  Reagan and I just ignored them and pressed on finishing her work.  
  • Soon Campbell woke up and I went upstairs to work on the labels for the new toy room drawers-at least 30 labels.  Seem to take me forever.  The kids were real good playing and when I looked around it was like a preschool filled with kids-5 kids is a lot.  Love it though.
  • Robby was home next and cooked up some yummy burgers.  Then the kids played some more.  They did spend a bit of their time sitting outside of his bathroom door waiting on him to come out so they could pelt him with their nerf guns.  
  • Next it was time to use my fancy new apple peeler/corer/slicer and everyone had some apples before bed.  After putting the big kids to bed, I was walking down the stairs holding a fussing Keaton.  I told her it was time to put her to bed and she immediately closed her eyes-brilliant child.
  • Oh the other day on the way home from Dallas, Reagan told Anderson that her and Grannymom saw a sign that had A-n-d-e-r-s-o-n on it.  And I told them that Nonna had A-n-d-e-r-s-o-n on her front door lock.  Reagan then asked if it was because Nonna loved Anderson more than anyone else.
  • Also, last Wednesday we were outside and heard Wednesday's noon tornado siren for the first time at the house (can't hear it while inside) and Belle growled at the siren and the other dogs howling. Reagan shouted "Mom, she's mooing!" and it did sound like a moo.  I told her that she now though she was a cow since we had moved to the country.  And then Reagan kept shouting "Mom, that just freaks me out."  
  • If you notice on the pictures, I started taking a few pictures of the house.  I want to try to start doing that near the first of every year.  We will have been married 12 years and I would so have loved to have picture of Gamble every year.  I can hardly remember what my sewing room looked like over there and then it turned into a bedroom for 1, 2 and then 3 kids.  If I can remember to take my pictures, someday when I have a sewing room at this house, I can look back and remember what that room looked like when it was a bedroom for 5 little Dennies.  

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