January 5, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

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    • The other day in the car, Graham became fairly certain that he name was not Graham Brewer and it was in fact Graham Cracker.  I said that Graham Cracker Dennie was a very nice name and he replied back "no Dennie, just Graham Cracker."
    • Of course, since this morning was school morning, we had to wake everyone but Graham and Keaton up.  Keaton woke again right before 7 to eat and Graham was shouting "cock a doodle doo" soon after.  I told him through the monitor that it was after 7 and he could get up.  I never heard from him again but he was later found sitting in the toy room playing happily by himself (rare occurrence)
    • The boys went back to school today and didn't have any trouble walking in.  Anderson was so proud to leave school with his picture of his class and Santa Claus.  Graham had a zillion papers with him and struggled forever trying to pick them up to come and get in the car-cutest thing.
    • The girls spent the morning at Grannymom's house.  Reagan spent most of her morning eating gumballs from her machine and she did a little homework.  Keaton was a happy  baby and enjoyed watching the girls.  They had just finished lunch, when we showed up.  So everyone had lunch and then we headed to see Beebee.
    • Pops was there with Papaw, so Pops came and helped us all into the hospital.  The elevators were so crowded and people were everywhere.  When there was finally an elevator going up, the kids ran on it like they were running for their lives-they were tripping on each other and on the stroller.  I was too confident that all of us were going to end up on the same elevator but after their mad dash towards it, we did.
    • Beebee was in a good mood and her and Papaw were happy to see us.  The boys were just interested in looking out the window, Campbell was unusually shy, Keaton only wanted to eat so that left Reagan to do all of the talking.  We stayed until one of Beebee's friends came to do her nails and then we snuck out.  Pops and Papaw walked us out and Pops said that he was going to have to find his car (all of his days are running together now!) and the kids were so worried about Pops and the car.  They continued to talk about him and look for his car until I saw him under the drive through picking up Papaw
    • Back at home, Campbell had a nap, Keaton started her fussy afternoon bit and the rest of us started school.  I could tell that the boys had been back to school today because they were pretty tired.  Reagan finished and was quite surprised when working on her quilt (present from Christmas) was part of her school.  
    • Around 4, Robby who was working from home today had a call and since 4 is when things always get crazy around here-he took his call sitting in my van...maybe he wants to rethink the working from home thing.  Ha!!  By 4, Campbell was up, Reagan was finishing school, Anderson and Graham were loudly playing, Keaton was fussing and I was trying to cook supper.  If I had known he was sitting in the car, I might have joined him.
    • We had supper and baths for the kids and then the kids and I were sitting in the toy room and Robby walked up the stairs to join us....and he smelled smoke.  Yep, the washing machine was smoking and smoking pretty good.    We had to open the upstairs windows.  My mom just got a new washing machine after 29 years and this one is less than 2 years old (probably more, but it seems like yesterday that we bought it).  Anyway, Robby was just looking to see when a new one could be delivered-January 21!  16 days away!  Um, I don't think that will work...anybody got a washboard?

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