January 2, 2012

The Crew!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Back from the trip so now I do bullets in the blog-I really don't know why but it seems to make remembering the day easier
  • It was an early morning for Robby and I, we got up at 5 to make sure that we couldn't reserve our Disney dining online yet and we could not-they don't do party of 16 on the web.  So we snoozed for a bit more and called at 6 and made all of the Dennie Disney July trip reservations.  Eating in Mexico and Norway at Epcot and am going to do a unit in school about those two countries before we go (I'm a dork).  I am already excited about that trip but we have a couple more before then.
  • The kids slept a bit late and didn't stir until after 7.  We all moved pretty slow this morning and our only task was the straighten this house and oh, put together 7 large items, 5 lamps and 4 baskets from my shopping trip.  By 4 everything was put together and we started picking up-never ending process.
  • Before I knew it, the kids were asking for a snack and it was after 5.  I thought we needed supper so I gave them a "snack" otherwise known as supper. They think if I put a cookie on their plate along with their meal, they think that I have given them a snack.  Oh, well it works.
  • Crazy Anderson, refused to eat Graham's chips when I gave them to him (Graham had eaten Anderson's chips).  He said that there were germs on them.  Anderson will did not want to do his breather tonight because Campbell had played with it before he got it-germs.  Silly boy refuses to drink from an open cup for his milk at night either-doesn't like to have to work at his drinks.  
  • One more thing about Anderson, he is also very anxious for us to take him to the horse races.  He told us this yesterday while in the car.  Also, in the car we heard Campbell shouting "back, back, ReaRea" and looked back to see Reagan rubbing her back.  Reagan would stop and Campbell would shout at her "back, back, ReaRea" until Reagan started rubbing her back again-I wonder where she learned this....possibly from her Dad
  • We had a shop to do tonight so we all loaded up and headed to Kroger.  Nothing like sitting in the car with 5 kids in the hood at night-love it.  The kids were happy as they could be watching a movie.  When we made it home, everyone had their milk (except Anderson) and then on to bed. 
  • Keaton was quite the smiler tonight-she does have a runny nose, watery eyes and bit of a cough today but she has still felt pretty good because she will just smile and coo at us-love it.

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