January 13, 2012

Doing a bit of school..
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • For my birthday, Graham gave me one of his large stuffed animal dogs.  He told me that I could sleep with it every night and then added that Robby, Keaton and I would all have to take turns.  One night, the dog was near by bed but apparently not close enough I he was very tiffed that I didn't sleep with the dog.  So the dog has been in our bed everyday since then.  Though he did tell me that last night was Keaton's turn and if she spit on it, he would give me another one or I could put it in the washing machine.
  • Another nightly oddity around here is Anderson sleeping with a large metal plane.  Most kids sleep with something soft like a stuffed animal or blanket.  Not my Anderson-that plane is huge and the propeller is like 4 needles poking him.  
  • A plastic hanger and a walmart sack-that was the toys of choice around here this morning.  And if you do have a plastic hanger and a walmart sack then it makes you a fireman.  I don't know why but it does and if carrying around a walmart sack and a plastic hanger makes Graham happy then it is fine with me.
  • I spent the beginning of the morning straightening the house and noticed that Keaton had on at outfit and I also had in a much smaller size.  I put the smaller outfit on Campbell's baby doll and laid them beside each other and showed Campbell.  The outfit lasted only a minute before she took it off of the baby doll.  Then during school, Campbell came and laid her doll beside Keaton.  Since the doll was naked, Campbell thought that Keaton should be too and took off all of the baby's clothes.  Poor, poor Keaton-I just let her do it.  She was being easy and I was trying to help Reagan.  So for the rest of school laid a naked baby doll and a naked Keaton in the floor.  
  • Soon it was lunch. We used to eat like clock work at 12 but again today, we were eating near 1.  I don't know where the mornings go sometime.  Reagan was anxiously waiting on Nonna to come and pick her up. Though Reagan asked me twice if she would see Robby before she left.  I told her that he would still be at work so she told me to tell him goodnight and that she would miss him.  Nonna came by at 2:30 and stayed for awhile.  She hadn't seen our ikea purchases.  Anderson showed her around the house and was so excited.  He was shouting as he was showing her every toy that he had.
  • Reagan and Nonna soon left-they had a big night planned: supper at Larry's pizza and then playing American Girl dolls with Nonna's neighbor.  When I talked to Reagan tonight she acted like she had a great time.  
  • The boys spread out on the couch with their milk and a snack and watched a movie when Nonna and Reagan left.  Keaton was napping and I soon woke Campbell up. Before too long, Graham was in my lap on the couch, Campbell was snuggled beside me and we were all sleeping.  Anderson's movie had gone off and he went on upstairs to play.  After awhile Anderson came back down to the living room and said "Good morning Momma"  It probably was just a 15 minute snooze but we all felt better afterwards.
  • Soon Robby called and we all met at Davids.  The kids love the fries and were all perfect.  Next we ran by Shakes for a bit of ice cream.  Oh, while we were eating supper we mentioned Disney and Anderson said that he knew Goofy was just someone in a suit and Graham said they just have a head on.  What?  I was shocked-I seriously thought they really thought it was really Goofy, Mickey or all of the other Disney characters.  Now at least when a line is too long at Disney, I can remind them that it is just a person in that suit!
  • We read a book and looked at some pictures when we came home and then it was bedtime.  Everyone must have been pretty tired since Campbell kept her pajamas on tonight!

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