January 21, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Anderson slept in until right before 8 and then spent the morning playing games with Grannymom.  Apparently, he is the domino champ.  Meanwhile at home, we managed to sleep in a bit too.  Not too long but a bit longer than usual.  
  • Reagan and Graham watched a few movies and played this morning.  Campbell would bounce between hanging with Reagan or coming down to check on what we were doing.
  • After Robby ran, everyone had a chance to run on the treadmill.  Reagan did fine, Graham managed with his pajama pants dragging the ground and as soon as Robby turned it on for Campbell to walk on she dropped to all 4s.  We grabbed her up  and then she figured out what she was supposed to do.  Poor Campbell, she may have to spend some time on the treadmill pretty soon.
  • We moved pretty slow and made it to pick up Anderson around lunch time.  As soon as we came in, his attitude soured and things just went downhill from there.  They were decent but all of the kids were pretty tired.  They did manage to have a snack or two and then we came home.
  • Campbell had a nap, Reagan and Anderson played and watched a movie, Graham sat by Robby and talked and talked and talked, I fed Keaton and then we both had a nap.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  
  • Next up, Robby and Keaton took a shower and then we headed to Jacob, Ethan and Hayley's house.  Kennedy, Camryn and Laynie were already there and as soon as we arrived all the kids ran upstairs to play.
  • We had supper and then the kids went back upstairs for more playing.  They had a blast and there were few tears so it made for a good night.  11 kids can be quite noisy but we all had a good time and even made it home and everyone was tucked in bed by 9.  

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