January 18, 2012

Think she knows she's cute?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton ate in the middle of the night and before too long we were all getting ready for today's doctor's appointment-Anderson, Campbell and Keaton.  And just so you know, you can't schedule an appointment for 3 kids without permission from the doctor.  Grannymom met us there to help out.  
  • Everyone was weighed and measured (some of our weights were higher than others-we will get to that in a minute) and then it was to the room to wait.  Martin soon came in and started with Keaton.  Keaton turned on the charm and cooed her way through her appointment.  She weighed in at a whopping 14 pounds and one ounce and 24.75 inches.  Keaton was great during her shots as well-of course, she cried but as soon as we picked her up she stopped.  
  • Campbell was up next and we were told that she was a bit on the hefty side (no surprise there).  So now she has to run a few miles every day-ha!  Actually, we all really should cut back some, shouldn't we?  And Martin asked about her giving up her paci and I think that Campbell would have passed it over to her right then if she would have had it. Maybe we will take it to Martin when we go for our weight re-check!  Campbell weighed 38 pounds and 36 inches (11 pounds more and 3 inches taller than Reagan when she was 2).
  • And finally, we had Anderson.  He weighted 54 pounds and 44 inches.  Martin didn't say anything about his heftiness and he is definitely slimming down.  Martin asked him lots of questions and he answer them all but only with a nod or a head shake.  He was very cooperative but not talkative.  Then we went down the hall for his vision and hearing screen and he did fine-made me so nervous watching that but he passes.
  • Back in the car, we headed to see Beebee.  I was glad that Papaw was there too so we were able to see them both.  They were both feeling good and Beebee even gave all of the kids dollar bills.  This made them so excited and after a bit of visiting, the excitement was unbearable and we headed out of there.  
  • And on the way home, I heard those dreaded words "I have to go to the bathroom"-it was Reagan.  Then she said that she REALLY had to go.  So at the next gas station we pulled in and I prayed the whole way there that I would see someone we knew there who could stay with the others.  Nope that didn't happen so we all unloaded and headed in.  She did her business and we headed out.  I sure get my workout getting Campbell in and out of the car seat and especially when she doesn't understand why we are getting back in the car seat so quickly.
  • Reagan's limp is better this morning and she did start walking on her foot.  By the end of the day, she was going up and down the steps fairly easily.  She still does limp but not too bad.  Campbell has definitely noticed Reagan's walk and started to imitate it.  At one point, she was standing beside Reagan trying to hold her leg up.  I asked her if she had hurt her foot and she just grinned.
  • Sometime today, Graham was sitting on the counter talking to me and he said "someday when I get bigger, I will have to go to another house."  I must have frowned because he said "that is sad, isn't it?"  I told him that he could stay with me forever.
  • After lunch, Reagan threw an ever loving fit because I had asked her to pick her money up (she had had it in the floor counting it).  I don't really know what set her off but it was a massive fit.  At least 20 minutes, she screamed and screamed.  I just ignored her and carried on with my tasks.  After she had calmed, I found her in the hallway sorting out the clean clothes.  I guess she felt bad and started doing the laundry for me.  She did very well, made 7 piles of our clothes and then started folding each pile.  I may have to use her daily for the laundry. 
  • Soon it was school time and the day went smoothly, except for Anderson's current obsession with Angry Birds.  After he finished anything, he would ask if he could play it.  Those request were denied and before too long, we were finished, eating supper and then heading to church.
  • Awanas went well and then kids had fun.  The boys enjoy seeing us in the hallway and we enjoy being able to make sure they are on their best behavior (so far they are always very good).  Reagan always seems to have fun though tonight she did set out from games because of her ankle.  After we picked Campbell up, she walked up to Mr. Scott and said "snack."  She got her snack and said "thank you" and sat right down to eat it.  
  • The kids were pretty exhausted after our busy day and we never heard a peep out of them.

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