Disneyland January 27, 2012

Mickey & Friends!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

Well, last night on the blog I had joked about Campbell leaving the hotel room and going down to Grannymom's room in the middle of the night-probably shouldn't have done that.  Around 1:30, Graham climbed into my bed and said "where's Campbell?"  I said "in her spot" and he looked down and said "where's Campbell?"  So I looked down and she was not on her sleeping bag so I got out of bed to see if she had moved closer to where Anderson, Reagan and Graham were sleeping.  Nope, didn't see her there.  Then I looked up and saw light coming through the door crack-looked like the door had been opened.  I rushed over there to check but it was still locked (and she couldn't have reached the lock but it was in the middle of the night mind you).  Another glance around the room and still can't see her.  So then, I get on my hands and knees frantically trying to find that girl.  I was groping around without my glasses searching like a mad woman when Reagan sets up and pleasantly asks for a sip of water.  I barked back "not until I find your sister!"  I was about to come unglued when I finally reached crazy far under the bed and there she was snoozing soundly.  I jerked her little self out from under that bed-probably giving her carpet burn on her face-laid her on her pillow, covered her up, gave Reagan her water and then glared at Robby for sleeping so soundly while I was having a crisis.
Graham was laying in my bed oblivious to all of my hysteria but was sure ready to talk when I climbed back into bed.  He thought it was morning time.  I must have dozed back to sleep when Campbell climbed in bed with Robby and Graham saw this and wanted to go over there.  Nope that couldn't happen or no one would get any sleep so I wouldn't let him-which caused him to have a mini fit.  Once he calmed and went to sleep, Keaton woke up and as I fed her, Campbell decided that she was going to get in bed with us.  So Robby and I switched so Graham could continue sleeping and Campbell could be near Keaton.  After the baby ate, she went back to sleep and we all must have slept for a few more hours because the next thing I knew, it was 6 and I was laying on something lumpy-Anderson.  I don't know when he got in my bed.
We sent the kids over to Grannymom and Grandpa's room to get dressed and we were out the door to breakfast in a decent amount of time.  Breakfast is at a restaurant next door.  It is pretty light but it is ample and afterwards we brushed our teeth and headed to Disneyland.
We were there at rope drop (which if you are going to Disney-you must be there at rope drop) and went off to ride the submarine and then everyone rode in the Autotopia cars.  I stayed with Keaton but I heard that my Dennie kids aren't the greatest of drivers.  Grannymom thinks that she is suffering from whiplash thanks to Graham and Campbell's driving abilities.  
We then rode the Storybook Land boats and then they rode the circus train while I walked to get a fast pass for tonight.  After the train, we walked across the street for the opening of California Adventure.  Robby was able to snag Soaring fast passes and then we headed to the Toy Story ride.  We did that (full disclosure-Robby did beat my by 4,000 points but I did help Reagan and show her how to play so my score would have been greater than his therefore I am declaring myself champion.)  
Then we rode on the swinging ferris wheel.  I think this is my favorite ride here.  We did the swinging part and Grannymom and Grandpa did the non swinging part.  I could see the boys during the ride and there eyes would get so big each time we would swing.  Next up, we rode the Little Mermaid ride which was Campbell's speed-she liked this ride and was smiling and waving through the whole thing.
She still does not like Mickey Mouse-we saw him today and she grabbed a hold of me again and was even skittish as I was trying to put her in the stroller near where Mickey was standing.  We also went on the short little bakery tour-mainly because they give you a sample of sourdough bread.  Then we had mexican for lunch.  Graham and Reagan liked the oranges, Campbell and Graham ate the rice, Reagan had a tortilla and everyone had juice boxes.  
And then Robby bought them cinnamon chips as an encouragement to stay still and eat while we went to go and ride the big roller coaster here.  They must have enjoyed the cinnamon chips here since they liked their plates clean.  Meanwhile, i was fearing for my life.  I do enjoy roller coasters and this was good and I the upside down part doesn't bother me because it is so brief but I do not like the taking off part.  It is one of those where you go 0-60 in 2 seconds or something like that.  During those brief few seconds until we slowed a bit down, I probably looked hysterical grabbing around trying to find something to hold on to.  I made it fine and no one saw the return of our Mexican food that we had just eaten for lunch so that was a good thing.
Oh, let me mention Anderson.  He is quite the little leader-just like his Dad.  He doesn't need a map and always knows where we are going.  Anderson wants to be the first person in line every time.  He will even walk far ahead of us (too far). And when I call him back, he looks at me with a "hey, I know where I am going" expression.  
Next up, we went to the Bugs Life area and we rode on the caterpillar train followed by bumper cars.  The kids loved both of those but by this time, Graham was getting very, very tired.  He was acting like a sick little boy all due to his exhaustion.    I let everyone run threw the water a few times and then they all headed to Soaring.  I stayed out with Campbell and Keaton.  We walked back to our lunch spot and I snagged a few cups of water.  By the time we had made it back to Soaring to wait on everyone, Campbell was sound asleep and Keaton was wide awake.
Robby said that Graham really enjoyed Soaring-this was his first time to be able to do it.  Next it was time to head back to the hotel for a quick rest.  When we made it to the room, Graham crumpled on the floor and I had to encourage him to go to his bed and as soon as I gave him his foxy, he fell asleep.  I was able to move Campbell from the stroller to the bed without waking her up so that was a good thing.  Reagan and Anderson hung out at Grannymom's room-I hope quietly.  And Keaton watched me reload our bags for tonight, had a bottle and then went to sleep herself.  
After our naps, we pulled out the plates and made our sandwiches.  The kids weren't as hungry tonight and Graham didn't eat a thing.  When he climbed in my lap, I could tell that he was pretty warm.  We bribed him with some lemonheads to take some tylenol and he soon cooled off.  I felt okay for the rest of the evening but just wasn't his bubbly self.  
The Santa Ana winds had kicked up tonight (heard that on the news) and it was pretty windy at times.  We had read the park closed at midnight but had heard a few people say that it closed at 8 so we weren't sure.  Either way, it was crazy crowded tonight and the lines were all long.  We did wait for the Haunted Mansion ride and the line wasn't too long.  I don't think the kids were really scared-Reagan might have been the most afraid.  On the ride, Reagan did ask if Keaton would be scared and I told her that she didn't know to be scared yet and as soon as I said that Keaton started crying.
We had a fast pass for the Roger Rabbit ride but Toontown was closed for the fireworks so we got a few churros to snack on.   While we were eating them, the loudspeaker came on and said due to the winds the fireworks would be cancelled.  Graham heard the word "fireworks" and his hands went to his ears and he shut his eyes.  I then told him what the man had said and he just kept saying "he said fireworks."  I wished they enjoyed fireworks more than they do-maybe in a few more years.  Reagan sure loves them now.
Well, since it was so crazy, the only thing left to do in the park was to use our fast passes for Space Mountain.  I guess that everyone else had saved their fast passes like us for the last ride of the day because the fast pass line was long, long, long.  It was about a 20 minute wait which wasn't that horrible.  Reagan wanted to ride all by herself again and Graham just wanted Robby to hold on to him again.  Space Mountain is different here than at Disney World.  Here the riders sit beside each other and not in front of each other.  It is a pretty fast coaster and Robby said that when it was over Graham said tonight "that was fun!"  
Campbell hung out with Keaton, Grannymom and Grandpa while we rode.  It did help that Robby let her finish off his drink.  We came back and did just what everyone else in the park was doing-exiting.  It was near 8 and had been a good evening even though we only did two rides.  Oh, we did walk through Sleeping Beauty's castle.  It was a pretty neat little experience.  Makes me want to watch Sleeping Beauty again.  
By the time we made it back to the room, the winds were really blowing.  The girls and Graham had a bath and then Graham laid down and was the first to go to sleep.  Next, Campbell got out of the tub and we put her in her sleeping bag and that little thing never got up again.  I can't believe she can lay down and go right to sleep like that-maybe she is big enough to sleep in a bed (nah, no reason to push it).  Reagan finished her bath and then Keaton had a shower with Robby.  Then Keaton finished her milk while Anderson had his bath.  That boy could have stayed in the tub all evening long playing with one car.  Then he laid down and was asleep in about 2 minutes and is now snoring like his Daddy.  
It was another good day.  Tomorrow the plan is to finish Disney in the morning and then head to the Queen Mary for the night.  And I had just told Robby that I wasn't going to get on a cruise ship anytime soon-though I think this one is docked...isn't it?

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