January 10, 2012

Making brownies!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • School morning and everyone was excited...especially Anderson who was going to get to use the computer at school today.  He was so thrilled about all of this that it made me feel bad that the kids don't have any electronic devices or even get to play on our computers.  (Then I saw my work kids and even thought about throwing out the tvs)
  • Robby had an easy time dropping off the boys but on the way to Nonna's house, Reagan remembered that she had forgotten her doll.  And she had a major meltdown.  At one time, she was sobbing and shouting "I can't breathe!"  We had driven too far to turn around and she kept saying that everyone would be there next time we were at Nonna's house.  Seriously, this went on until Nonna had offered for her to spend the night on Friday and have a doll fashion show-this is why I am getting grey hairs!
  • I picked up the boys from school and they had a good day.  They both saw frogs-real frogs and were pretty excited about that.  Graham had an envelope full of his cutting and Ms. Wendolyn had written "good cutting" on it.  Anderson played on the computer and was proud to show off all of the letters that he knows.  Ms. Stacy did have me sign an accident form-apparently one child smacked Anderson in the nose with a block.  Anderson said that he was putting them in order and the other kid didn't think so.  Ms. Stacy said Anderson was very upset and did get a bump briefly on his nose.  After using the ice pack, he felt better.  
  • The girls had a big day with Nonna and Pops.  Keaton had a bottle and snoozed most of the morning.  Campbell did everything that Reagan did and probably spent lots of time looking for her paci (She brought it in before I realized it and Reagan hid it in her pocket).  Reagan made some Valentine's day cards.
  • We all had lunch there and Reagan was very proud of the jello that her and Campbell had made.  After lunch, the rainy weather must have gotten to the kids because they were all pretty subdued and watched a movie.  Soon, I noticed it was one and we had to get home for the washing machine man.
  • Washing machine update-remember it started smoking last week?  Well, we looked and it was less than a year old and still under warranty so the repairman came today.  I told him about the smoke.  He opened the lid and showed me what had happened.  Apparently something got caught on the top of the drum and caused the plastic to rub against each other.  This causes the motor to overheat and shut off.  He was hear about 5 minutes-no fix necessary and could have been using it all along (though after it smoked, I would not be using it again).  He did suggest that we get a drain pan for it since it is upstairs, suggested Robby move his water sensor to a grout line and explained that I should move one of the controls to another spot so it would rinse better.  
  • The kids were probably hoping that the repairman would have stayed longer because as soon as he left, it was school time.  We breezed through school today.  I told Robby tonight, that I just now feel like we are in a good routine with our memory work.  I guess it is always a work in progress.
  • We watched the rain, listened to the thunder and soon Robby was home.  We had lasagna and green beans for supper.  Both of the boys said that they didn't like it and Robby quickly explained that this was supper, snack, breakfast and the only food that would be served in the kitchen until it was eaten.  And then we mentioned that the makers of happy plates would get to make brownies with us-no surprise but all plates were licked clean.
  • Then everyone cleaned the toy room and were supposed to help me with the laundry (lots of catching up to do) but they all ended up watching a video before bedtime.  Campbell caused a commotion after we tucked them in again tonight-I am going to have to shorten that girls naps so she is exhausted at bedtime.

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