January 16, 2012

He Loves His Momma!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • The night was pretty good-Keaton did eat around 5 and as I was feeding her we heard Anderson loudly talking about Angry Birds.  He had woke up Graham and Cash and everyone was wide awake.  Robby strongly encouraged them to go back to sleep and they must have heeded his advice.
  • Then we all slept until nearly 7, when Anderson and Cash joined us in bed.  And let me say, they were the cutest little things both dressed in their superman pajamas.  Anderson was still talking and telling Cash that they had to wait until 7 to get up.  I finally told them to go and watch a movie, they did and woke poor Graham up.
  • Pretty soon after, I got Campbell out of bed who was pretty worried about where everyone was.  And then woke up the girls.  There was no way Reagan could have gotten around school today so she skipped.  Since she wasn't putting any weight on her foot, I made a doctor's appointment.  
  • Reagan spent most of the morning laying in her bed crying, in the floor near Lilly (I was hoping she would start playing and forget about it) moaning or with me carrying her around and her yelping.  It was not a good morning.  I guess after being still all night, even the smallest movement hurt it.  
  • Everyone had breakfast-they finished off the donuts from last night and I was pretty surprised that I had everyone dressed and the house mostly straightened by 9:30.  That is pretty good any day but especially with 2 extra kids and 1 injured child.  Actually, if we count Cash's cast, then I had 2 injured kids.  As we were working on getting his pajamas off of his cast, he said "we can just cut them, they did at the hospital."  It wasn't that tight so no scissors were needed.
  • Around 10:30, Grannymom and Grandpa came over so I could take Reagan to her appointment.  I had to explain the rules (again) before I left since we had had doors closed, climbing on beds, biting and tattling all this morning.  Mostly my Graham, Campbell and Anderson-they were pretty exhausted and had been at each other all morning so it had all been an eventful morning.
  • Our doctor's appointment today was at 11:10 and we had an xray and were in the car by 11:40-love that.  Reagan did sprain her foot and nothing was broken.  We just have to ice, wrap and elevate it.  So basically, we got a $400 ace bandage.  She was very brave but during the xray, she was so scared she was shivering.   
  • The kids left at the house watched a movie and played while we were gone.  I had told Lilly to help with Keaton and Campbell and I think she took her job pretty seriously.  Keaton enjoyed the extra attention!
  • Everyone swang for a few minutes before Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly and Cash.  We then had lunch and I let everyone eat in the living room on a blanket while Reagan sat with her ankle propped up and iced.  Before too long, Graham had fallen asleep and I put Campbell to bed.
  • Reagan was feeling better after icing her foot and having it wrapped up so she was crawling around and was happy to go upstairs and play.  Before too long, Robby was home and we made our pizzas.  The kids enjoyed making pizza but Campbell was not happy to wait for them to be cooked.
  • Then we had a family Angry Birds evening-ha, we just all sat in the school room and played that silly game. Eventually, Graham and Campbell became bored and opened the school boxes and started cutting paper (the favorite pass time lately).  Keaton also became bored and decided to eat again.  
  • After too long, it was bedtime and the big kids were out quickly but Campbell and Graham had a big time up there  before they fell asleep.  Another good day.

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