January 15, 2012

Movie night with cousins!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • We woke to donut Sunday and the masses were disappointed because we only had a few powdered donuts and the rest chocolate.  They supplemented breakfast with some cheerios and seemed nourished enough to send them on to Sunday school.  Though Graham's Sunday school teacher did say that he had at least 2 and a half pieces of toast.  
  • As we were about to leave for church, I was giving the kids assignments of things to do (push up the bar stools, bring me the diaper bags, turn off the lights).  I guess that I didn't give Campbell a job so she just did what needed to be done...Keaton was crying so she picked her up under her arms and carried/drug her down the hall.  I saw and ran to assist and Campbell said "here you go!"
  • She is actually a great helper.  Everyone else usually plays but Campbell sticks by me and helps with the laundry, getting diapers, sweeping the floor, getting Keaton's paci....just usually not picking Keaton up!
  • We were in Graham's class for extended session and mostly he stood around with us.  Jason did come by to visit him and he was so happy to see him and take a walk with him.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and everyone had a big time playing with Lilly and Cash-such a big time that Dana took the boys home with her and we took the girls.  With the plan of everyone coming over here tonight to spend the night.  So this afternoon, Keaton and Campbell had a nap and Reagan and Lilly played dolls upstairs.  Anderson, Graham and Cash played outside at Cash's house and even had "squirt cheese"-good times.  Dana acted like that had all had a good afternoon and we had a very peaceful and calm afternoon.....
  • And then the boys came home...within two minutes of them being home we had 4 tattles, one knock in the head, 3 cries and one hurt ankle.  I hope it is just hurt and not worse.  Reagan and Lilly were just playing and Reagan fell funny.  Her ankle is a bit swollen and she isn't putting any weight on it...though she doesn't seem like it hurts too badly (other than the typical Reagan panic).  
  • Let's take a moment and discuss "Reagan panic."  She becomes pretty much hysterical at the sight of a drop of blood, anything gross or even the though of someone being hurt.  She screams like a maniac when she things that the van door is going to shut on someone.  So during the ordeal, she just say with her donuts, crying and watching herself cry in the kitchen window.  Later this evening when I was looking at her ankle again-she said I didn't know that they both had bumps.  I guess she looked at her ankle bone and thought she was going to die-teeth chattering, shaking, sobbing, hands flapping.  My, my-no wonder I am getting grey hairs.  The plan is to see tomorrow how it is and decide from there-send her to school? the doctor?  
  • Robby picked up donuts before picking up the boys and everyone devoured the donuts.  Right now it is movie time on the big screen.  For a very brief time, everyone laid down still and quiet....a very brief time.  It probably helped that I kept feeding the popcorn.  Campbell has now gone to bed, Graham is sitting in our room in trouble, Reagan is icing her ankle, Lilly is trying to scare Cash with a play spider and Anderson, I think, is the only one trying to watch the movie.  
  • Next up is bedtime-poor Reagan has school tomorrow at Comm Central.  Those smart homeschoolers don't take any breaks-ha!  We will see how her ankle is in the morning to see if she gets to go.  She isn't putting much weight on it but is happily crawling around.  Hopefully all will be well.

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