Queen Mary January 28, 2012

Staying overnight on
the Queen Mary
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

So last night, I was reading the blog from last years Disneyland trip and guess what-I lost a kid in the hotel then too.  Exact same hotel too.  Graham had buried himself in the bottom of his sleeping bag and I couldn't find him for the longest time.  I think I am going to have to start putting bells on the kids when they go to sleep.
Campbell again woke me up last night saying "craying, crying, Keaton crying" and indeed she was.  So Campbell and I fed Keaton and then we managed to go back to sleep for a few hours.  Keaton has reverted back to a 3 hour schedule on this trip and that is fine (assuming I have packed enough formula).  Around 5:30, she woke up again and this time I wasn't in a big enough hurry to get Keaton up so Campbell went and opened the closet door (yes, she was sleeping in the closet) and started talking to her.  I finally drug myself out of bed to get her bottle and finished feeding her just as the alarm clock went off.
I woke Robby up to tell him that the alarm had gone off and he uncovered his head and was completely under the covers.  When he pulled back the covers, there was Graham laying across Robby's two pillows.  And yes, since there were two double beds we were taking full advantage of it-spreading out.  Though not much spreading out was done since we both had someone else in bed with us throughout the night.
Today was magic morning day at Disneyland so our plans were to be there when the park opened at 7. My, my, at home we can barely make it to school at 8:20 but we did somehow manage to get to the park before the gates opened.  The kids were in a pretty decent mood this morning and were willing to get dressed without much fuss.  Graham did wake up warm again but he was able to go to Grannymom's room first if he drank his medicine.  So that spurred him on.  Reagan was again not happy with the clothing choice that I made for her-listen you can't please all of the people all of the time.  
While we got ready, Robby walked to McDonalds to bring back breakfast.  After everyone got ready, they went to Grannymom's room to have their breakfast, while I got ready and Robby started loading up the van.  We quickly walked across the street and were there in plenty of time.
The gates opened and we beelined to Dumbo.  We were in the second Dumbo ride and everyone enjoyed it.  Then we rode Peter Pan, Alice and the Tea Cups (not my favorite but I guess I am the one with the strongest stomach so I was elected to do that).  After the Tea Cups, it was nearing 8 and Robby went to get some fast passes.  So we rode the carousel again and headed towards Pirates of the Caribbean.  We did that-Campbell was sitting by Robby and his arm was around her.  Whenever he would move his arm, she would grab it and move it right back around her.  Then we circled the park on the train with Robby getting off at Toontown to get more fastpasses.  We all met back up and rode the Pooh ride.  Then the big 3, Robby and I went on Big Thunder Mountain and we ended up going two times.  Keaton and Campbell were busy counting ducks with Grannymom and Grandpa.  
Graham is so funny on the rides-he is just so tiny-barely the required 40 inches but he has this terrified yet thrilled look on his face that radiates "bring it on!"  Next up was Pooh which is Campbell's type of ride.  And then we decided we would go on Splash Mountain with the big 3.  Campbell got to re ride Pooh with Grannymom, Grandpa and Keaton so she was very content.  We rode it and Robby who was in the front got soaked!  Graham was very concerned about me holding on to him and was fine as long as I didn't move my hands.  Robby had another set of fast passes so I took them again on it.  Anderson was in the back and after we had all sat down they told me that he was too small for the back and I needed to switch or set with him.  So I switched with Anderson leaving Graham up front without me to hold on to him.  I hollered to him that he was fine and not too worry. Reagan then started asking me "will he fall out?  who will hold on to him?  look, I don't have anywhere to put my hands? will I fall out?"  She can just work herself up into a tizzy but will ride Space Mountain all by herself.  
Anyway, after that ride, we boarded the train strollers and all to go to Toontown to ride Roger Rabbit.  Then we happened to see Minnie again-we really just wanted to walk through her house since that it was Reagan really wanted to do but since Minnie was standing in the doorway, we had to get in line to see her.  Then we split up with Grannymom and Grandpa taking Keaton and Campbell for one last carousel ride and the rest of us going to ride Space Mountain.  I rode with Graham this time and held on to his leg, Reagan rode in front of us and Anderson and Robby in the front.  
When we finished, Robby offered for us to do it again and Graham had had enough of the riding and was done.  He didn't want to go so Reagan, Anderson and I headed to ride again.  We were almost to the line when the person said that Space Mountain was temporarily closet.  And just after we finished with Splash Mountain earlier, it had closed down.  Hmm, what does that say about us? Are we just lucky or are we breaking the rides?
Then it was time to say goodbye to Disneyland.  We walked down Main Street and loaded up into the van.  It was only about 20 minutes to Long Beach and that is where we are staying tonight.  We are aboard the Queen Mary.  
I don't really know much about the Queen Mary except that it does look like the Titanic.  And I have yet to see a life jacket.  Can you guess how well I will be sleeping tonight?  Ha, I guess since there are no ice burgs around here, I should sleep just fine-especially since the big 3 are sleeping in Grannymom's room tonight.  Though Campbell is coughing pretty good tonight and Keaton has been asleep since 5.
Anyway, back to the day...we boarded the boat, unloaded out stuff and checked out our rooms.  We are in a large room with a king sized bed and then it has another room with a twin size bed.  Robby believe that this would have been a room for a wealthy sailing family and then their servants quarters as well.  It still looks like a cruise ship and if I think about it, I can even feel us rocking despite being firmly secured to the dock.  
We walked around the decks and you could just imagine this ship sailing across the Atlantic during its hayday.  I don't know if they served gelato back then but they do today and it was a great snack for the kids.  We had our ice cream and cookies and then went to the room to rest.  Grannymom and Grandpa were taking a tour of the ship-we didn't think that our crew could make it through a tour.  
Back in the room, Reagan played tic tac toe on a game phone, Anderson watched tv, Graham slept, Keaton laid with me and Campbell spent most of her time talking to Keaton.  After our rest time, it was again time to load up and go and eat supper.  Robby found this place called Linda's and we ate there.  They are apparently known for their potato tacos-so we had some and they weren't that great.  But all of our other food was very good and it was neat stop-just a local dive with yummy food.  
Back to the boat we went, the kids had some milk and then went to bed and we are working on our computers with the little girls sleeping on each side of us.  And the portholes are open (since the air isn't working!) Kind of a nice evening. 

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