Disneyland January 26, 2012

La Jolla (sea lions!)
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

I went to bed before Robby last night as he was catching up on his work.  And a few minutes before Robby got into bed, Graham joined us.  I was too tired to have him move and since it was a king size bed, Robby didn't make him move either.  And before too long, Campbell joined us in the bed.  She must really be a light sleeper because she woke me up saying "crying, crying" when Keaton woke in the middle of the night to eat.  I fed Keaton and then got back into bed and after a bit, I felt Campbell crawling down off the bed.  I thought that I really needed to watch her to make sure she didn't wake Keaton, help herself to cookies or walk down the hall to Grannymom's room (all of these things were possible-well, except for walking to Grannymom's room since we did have the door locked).  Anyway, I thought about watching her but I was back to sleep in a second and have no idea what she did while she was up.  Hopefully, it was just to get her taggie but soon (I guess it was soon-she could have watched a few movies) she climbed back into our bed.  Around 5, Anderson joined the party and we were then using every square inch of the bed.  We tried to all lay there quietly but that was not going to happen.  Rather than fight it, we turned on a movie for the crew and they watched some of a movie until we put their clothes in their hands and sent them down the hall to Grannymom's room.  When I came back from taking them, Reagan was up and she walked down there as well.
That just left us and Keaton so we got ready and packed everything up.  I do pack pretty light and manage to leave stuff in the car but moving in and out of a hotel is just that-moving.  At our lightest, we carry-1 bouncy, 1 ice chest, 1 food box, 2 suitcases, 1 backpack full of toys, 4 sleeping bags, Robby's backpack, 1 diaper bag, my bag (that has my magazines-why do I carry magazines across the country knowing full well that I will never get the chance to read them?  I will catch up on my magazine reading in a few years-like 18) and finally 1 extra bag.  So we do have to have a luggage cart to check in or out of a hotel.  All that for 1 night-truly we should just probably sleep in the car.  
Back to the day, Grannymom and Grandpa dressed the big 4 and they headed down to breakfast.  Our hotel was a Hyatt House-mostly business traveler there and few (no) families with children.  The breakfast was pretty swanky with a sushi station.  Well, I guess it was a sushi station-remember I don't read magazines so I am not sure.  Grannymom did get a complement about how well behaved the kids were during breakfast.  That was good to hear.  We saw them leaving breakfast when Robby and I walked down with Keaton to eat.  After our breakfast, everyone brushed their teeth, pottied and we hit the road.  All before 8, helps that we are still on central time.
Our first stop this morning was the Children's Pool at La Jolla.  Apparently the pool area was originally built for kids but sea lions took it over and then contaminated it so that kids could no longer swim there.  This was years ago but sea lions are still present and there were quite a few of them out there this morning.  The kids really loved watching them...until Graham made his loudest sea lion impression...and then half of the sea lions dived into the ocean and starting barking back at him.  It was a pretty impressive sight.  We walked out on the rocks looking at the beautiful view. 
Next was the Soledad Cross also in La Jolla.  It was a big cross up on a hill in a city park which the ACLU was/is very unhappy about.  The view from there was spectacular-you could see San Diego.  The kids enjoyed walking around the cross before loading back up.
Then it was nearly lunch time when we stopped at Laguna Beach.  We stumbled upon a playground/picnic spot on the beach and we were all happy.  The kids were happy that they had a playground and we were pleased to have a picnic table.  Of course, the playground was in the sand but they didn't end up being too sandy.  There were lots of shovels and sand trucks out there, so for the most part the kids just sat in the sand a played.  During lunch, Anderson swallowed his sandwich whole so he could get back to playing quicker.  We let them use up alot of energy and then we were on our way to Disneyland.
The drive wasn't too long-well, I napped so I don't know how long it was-but I don't think it was long.  I was napping because I have a cold/sore throat and don't feel 100%.  I am now losing my voice-people probably think I have lost it yelling at the kids but that is not the case-this time.  Our hotel is right across the street from Disneyland.  Seriously, right across the street.  And you wouldn't believe how little Robby paid for it either.  Clean, good size room, fridge-what more could you want.  And really it is right across the street-love that.
We unloaded and got everything ready for tonight.  The kids played and then found our ipods and phones and all laid around playing games.  They probably needed the down time since no one had had a nap earlier in the day.  Not even Campbell-I am surprised she made it through the day as well as she did.  After awhile, we were heading across the street to Disneyland.  The kids were so excited and there is just something about Disney.  Just makes you happy!  This is Reagan, Anderson and Graham's third trip to Disneyland, Campbell's second trip and Keaton's first trip to Disneyland.  Pitiful isn't it?
We walked through the castle while Robby ran to get a few fast passes and then we met up at the Snow White ride and then quickly followed it with the Pinocchio and Mr Toad rides.  I had Keaton in the front carrier which makes things oh so much easier-why do I have 5 kids and have never had my own of these?  Campbell would clap at the end of the ride but during the ride, she would have her hands over her ears.  I would ask her if she liked it and she would nod yes but would not take her hands off of her ears.  She did point to the carousel and we all rode it one time.  Campbell really wanted to ride Dumbo but the lines were too long tonight so we didn't do this.  Dumbo is much more her speed...
Since the next ride we did was the roller coaster in Toontown and now that Campbell is tall enough, she rode it as well.  Poor thing didn't know what she was getting herself into.  She had this look of horror mixed with a smile through the ride.  But when she saw Robby in the car in front of her waving at something, she stuck her hand out and started waving too.  When we got off, I asked if she wanted to do it again and her reply was an adamant no!  
Next this kids went through Chip and Dale's treehouse, Goofy's house, Mickey's house and Donald's boat.  Keaton did good during all of this and was awake most of the time.  She enjoyed walking around looking at everything.  We managed to have our pictures taken with Minnie and Pluto tonight.  Campbell wasn't too thrilled and hung on to me during the whole thing.  Reagan and the boys have all talked about their being a person in the costumes which makes me sad that they are growing up.  But when Minnie was nearby, Reagan's eyes still light up.  Even though there is a person in those costumes it is still magical.  We then left Toontown and headed to Space Mountain.
Now Graham is tall enough to ride Space Mountain-just barely they had to remeasure him at 2 of the 3 measuring spots.  He truly just barely made it.  Reagan and Anderson are quite a bit taller and didn't have to be measured.  But I still worried about Reagan flying out of the coaster since no one was beside her.  I was by Anderson and Robby was with Graham with Reagan in the car between us.  She had a blast and was ready to do it again.  Anderson wasn't too sure but later said it was his favorite and Graham told Robby right when they got off that it was too fast.  But later, he was talking about doing it again.  
Then we rode the Buzz Lightyear ride and headed back to the hotel.  On our way out of Disneyland, Anderson and Reagan were singing It's a Small World.  Kind of funny since the Small World ride is closed.   Robby got us to the room and went downstairs with the laundry.  He put that in and walked to McDonalds to get our supper.  By the time he made it back, the kids were in their pajamas and the beds were laid out.  We had supper in Grandpa's room and they ate quite a bit and then came back to our room for some milk, cookies and medicine before bed.  Zyrtec because Anderson is a little itchy, hydrocortisone for Anderson and Campbell since they are both itchy.  Probably should have given Campbell Zyrtec too-one day last week, I had poured Anderson's medicine and came back in the room and the cup was empty but Campbell was standing there holding his medicine cup.   She had herself a little shot of medicine!
Back in the room, everyone laid down without a fuss and I called my mom.  By the time we were finished talking all 5 were snoozing soundly-traveling is tough on little feet!

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