January 14, 2012

Checking out Angry Birds
on the iPad!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Let's see-Keaton ate at 2 so I fed her.  Then Campbell woke up at 5.  Robby got her and since her clothes were wet they changed her pajamas in the closet and then they both laid down in the closet.  Around 6, Campbell had had enough of sleeping in the closet and came to my bed (Graham had already joined me).  Robby did wander downstairs to make sure that Campbell made it to my room and then he went back to his closet.  I was asked a zillion times where he was and kept saying to check the living room or their beds but they kept coming back saying they couldn't find him.  Eventually though, they did discover his new sleeping spot.
  • We had a fairly lazy morning and the biggest project we undertook was cutting the boys hair.  It had gotten a bit long.  Graham usually is the one who fusses but today he did great.  Poor Anderson was the one who got so upset.  His hair was pretty thick so the clippers might have pulled it.  They had showers and of course Campbell joined in.
  • Around 11, we were dressed and headed out for a full day of mystery shopping. We went to two fast food places-drove through one, then had to order in at the other.  I took our food from the first place in and we ate it there.  The kids did turn in their Halloween frosty coupons and were so proud of themselves.  Graham was the one that led the way to the counter and told the man that they wanted frostys.  Anderson took on the shy role since Reagan was gone.
  • Reagan had spent the night at Nonna's house.  She stayed up until 11 and then slept until almost 8.  For breakfast she had 5 pieces of bacon and then spent the rest of the morning doing art projects.  That girl loves to color, draw and paint.  She wants to be an artist and a mommy when she grows up.  
  • After the rest of us finished our lunch, we headed to our 6 grocery stores that we had to go to.  Robby went in the first one and we sat in the car and watched a movie.  Then we all went in store number 2 and then Robby just went in store 3.  Then I dropped everyone off at Grannymom's house and went to pick up Reagan.
  • Reagan was not too disappointed to see me but she wasn't quite ready to go.  She had to show me all of her projects and she also told me that Nonna's neighbor has 9 American Girl dolls.  And then Reagan added "and I am going to try to catch up with her"-oh, my.  I tried to tell her that we needed to get more clothes and accessories first before we had more dolls.  
  • Meanwhile, the boys were busy teaching Grandpa how to play Angry Birds.  When Reagan and I ran to store number 4 and then we arrived at Grannymoms just in time for snack.  Keaton had enjoyed stretching her legs out of the car seat and even had a bottle.  
  • Soon we were back in the car for Robby to run into store 5 and I ran into store 6 while they got gas for the van.  Somewhere in there, we picked up cheese quesadillas for the kids and they gobbled them up-when you are in the car for awhile you have plenty of time to eat.
  • Back at home, Reagan had a shower and then mostly Reagan and I picked up the toy room.  Robby washed Keaton and scrubbed her little head (cradle cap) and then did airplane.  As soon as we had sat down downstairs we realized we hadn't taken any pictures of the crew so he went upstairs to disturb them and take their pictures.  Everyone seems calm right now so the next task is entering all of the reports...and maybe having some pie!

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