January 23, 2012

Sometimes they love each other...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
    • Sometime before we went to bed last night, we heard something and looked over and Graham was standing in the middle of the living room with his foxy just watching us.  I quickly hid my ice cream and took him back upstairs. He did see my snack and asked if he could have some in the morning and I said that we could after lunch.  I felt sorry for him being up so late so I handed him a book to read in bed.
    • About 30 minutes later, down he came down the steps again.  This time he had the book with him and asked if I could read it to him.  He sweetly said that if it was too long, we could read the rest in the morning.   I read the whole book to him and finally he went to sleep.
    • Later in the evening, we heard Campbell screaming.  "Momma! Momma!"  The way she was screaming, I thought something was wrong so I did get upstairs pretty quick.  I guess she didn't think I was up quickly enough because she had already started screaming "Momma, Daddy, ReaRea."  When I made it up there, she was almost trying to get out of her bed and started saying "dog, dog, paci, dog."  It was like she thought a dog was in her bed-at first I thought she was dreaming but then I saw a little tool toy that makes a noise-could sound like a dog.  Anyway, I took it out and calmed Campbell down.  She kept saying "dog got my paci" over and over until I finally found her paci.  Then she said "bed" and was ready to go back to sleep.  
    • Robby took Anderson and Reagan to school this morning and they made a quick stop by Hardees and enjoyed eating the hash brown bites.  This probably made Reagan's day at school better since she was disappointed about missing the ice cream.
    • I spent all day long talking to Graham and packing.  And packing and packing.  During some points of the day, I barely knew that 3 kids were here and at other time, I felt that these 3 made things crazier than having all 5 home.  Keaton must be teething because she just really wants to eat, sleep or be held.  Graham was good for the most part but for those parts when he wasn't being good, he was bad, real bad.  And Campbell, my, my, Campbell.  She loves to be right by my side or loves to take Keaton's clothes off.  Tonight she stripped Keaton down, got her a diaper, took her old poopy diaper off and put on a new diaper (I did wipe the poor baby)-that is pretty good for a 2 year old.   
    • My packing wasn't coming too swiftly so I asked Pops to pick up Anderson at lunch.  Anderson was very excited to go over there and they spent most of the afternoon playing car, riding bikes and playing outside.  When we came to pick him up, he hid and started a massive game of hide and seek.
    • Next we picked up Reagan and she talked the rest of the afternoon.  I guess she doesn't get too talk much at school and had to make up for it.  She did tell me that 2 girls from her class took the hello kittys off of her bag a few weeks ago and then hid them in their lunch boxes.  She said that she said "do you have them? tell me the truth" and they did give them to her.  I asked if she told her teacher but she said no.  I had wondered why she wanted to take the hello kittys off of her bag.  Mean girls are everywhere!
    • We did more packing this evening, had leftovers for supper, the kids played but they couldn't seem to stay away from us since we were trying to pack.  So Robby made them all sit in our room and watch us pack.  Then they played more until it was bedtime-I read a book, made sure that the noise making toy was out of Campbell's bed and then said good night.

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