April 30, 2013

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4 Weeks Old!

  • Graham and Robby were the first ones to have to get ready this morning.  Graham never really complains about going to school and probably enjoys it more than being here-I hope not but that is probably true.  As soon as they left, I got ready and everyone else had breakfast and started on school.
  • We only had about an hour and a half before it was time to leave.  The kids did most of their school work and took their leftover math to work on at Nonna's house.  Anderson was able to play with the little neighbor boy and Reagan enjoyed being near the big neighbor girls.  
  • I had my check up with my doctor and he told me that he was getting a new job at Baptist.  He even was a bit sappy on me when he talked about delivering all 6 of our babies.  He did say he would show back up if there was a baby 7 (don't hold your breath though).  Then I ran to Sams and was there a bit longer than I had planned.
  • It was nearly 1 when I made it back to Nonna's house.  The kids were playing in the front and back yard.  The rock man was supposed to be at our house at 1:30 so I had to quickly herd the kids into the car to make it home in time.  And of course, the rock man wasn't there-though he had text Robby earlier to see if he could come earlier but Robby missed his text.  Anyway, he did drop off more rock and some supplies.  
  • The kids played outside for a bit while I unloaded the car.  Seriously, that is one chore that I am starting to dread.  No matter how long or short our trip away from the house was, it just takes forever to get everything out of the car, ready to go again and put up.  I think I would rather do laundry or the dishes than do this.  But I do love having a cleanish car along with being ready at the drop of a hat to leave the house.
  • Keaton eventually had a nap while the others watched a movie.  Whitman was laying in the laundry room with me while I worked on laundry.  Then I had to go upstairs to put stuff up and since he was awake, I just laid him in my bedroom with the other kids.  When I came back, he had been scooted beside Anderson, his head was put on a pillow and he was covered up.  Looked just like his big brother laying there beside him.
  • When Keaton woke up, we all headed outside for awhile.  We played tag, basketball and I pushed a few kids on the swing.  Soon Robby and Graham arrived and Graham joined the others playing in the dirt.  Then Robby pushed most everyone on the swing and then a big basketball game was played. 
  • Where was Whitman during all of our outside time?   Well, he was wide awake so I just piled some blankets in the laundry basket and laid him inside of it.  (That probably isn't something that a first time mom would do)  He loved it and was awake for over 2 hours outside with a few catnaps.  
  • Back inside the kids had showers and then they had quick ipad turns before bed. Oh, yes, they did have supper and they all ate like little log rollers-they were starving.  Playing outside must make you pretty hungry!