June 1, 2013

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How 'bout a snack in the garage on a rainy day?

  • From yesterday-it was almost 7 last night when the microwave, containing supper, beeped last night.  Keaton was upstairs and heard that sound.  I heard her say "eat?" and she flew down the stairs and headed right to her seat.  That girl was starving and I am a bit disappointed that she associates the microwave going off with supper!
  • Also last night as I was blogging, I mentioned that Whitman was sleeping soundly and I couldn't really stir him.  We tried again around midnight and he stayed awake for a tiny bit but then dozed on back to sleep.  And then he slept all night long.  We couldn't believe it-Friday must have really worn him out.
  • Whitman actually was asleep until all of the other kids woke him up when they came to our room.  Everyone slept well but they were hungry when they woke up.  I offered to make chocolate chip muffins and all of my helpers assisted with that project.
  • So after breakfast, the kids had a bit of ipad and movie time.  Robby went to help with Dana's deck for a few minutes before the downpour hit.  I had my shower while Keaton cried on the other side of the shower door wanting to take a shower herself.  So when I climbed out, I put her and Campbell in the shower.
  • Soon Robby was home and started to work in the garage.  I joined him and that little project lasted until well after lunch time.  The kids all eventually joined us-they so wanted to go in the rain but just when they would think of stepping out of the garage the thunder would clap and lightening would flash.  
  • While cleaning the garage, Anderson made exercise bikes for the kids.  He put a pair of shoes on the training wheels of all the bikes-this caused the back wheel to spin freely.  So for a good while the kids all sat on their bikes spinning the pedals as fast as they could.  They at least had a bit of exercise today!
  • When we had finished, I made the kids take a shower-the boys feet were black and I figured that we had stirred up lots of dust.  This time Keaton had NO interest in the shower and screamed the whole time.  Poor thing.
  • It was 1 when we had lunch and before we finished, Grannymom and Grandpa came over.  Grandpa came over to help Robby with his lawnmower-which involved waiting on 2 ups trucks and 1 trip to Home Depot.  Grannymom came over to play with the kiddos and get her Whitman fix.  And she was able to do that because Whitman was a happy fellow-he stayed awake a long time, smiled, cooed and even rolled a bit.
  • The kids watched a tv show and played a game-I think they started going a bit stir crazy this afternoon since they hadn't been outside.  Soon though Nonna and Pops came over for supper as well.  Pops was also going a bit stir crazy at his house!  
  • After Robby and Grandpa finished on the tractor, Robby made our quesadillas (he is the official quesadilla maker).  We also had refried beans, salsa, chips, rice and brownies.  I'm quite the cook-ha!  I am quite proficient at my microwave usage!  Everyone enjoyed supper and the kids were sad to see everyone leave.
  • When all of the grandparents left, the kids worked on picking up the toy room and then they had a few minutes for a movie before bed.  Campbell came to the living room where we were and told us that the movie was scary-the cartoon movie with a little boy, a train and a puppy.  I can only imagine how frightening that must have been to her!