November 10, 2013

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Hanging by the fridge...

  • Last night as Robby and I were relaxing on the couch, I turned to get my computer and let out a gasp-there was a short person standing staring at me.  It was Campbell with tears in her eyes.  I pulled her into my lap and she said "don't give me another juice box in the car, they made me feel bad."  She continued to say that she wanted orange juice and coke instead.  And no, the juice box didn't make her feel bad-she just couldn't go to sleep.  Robby and I got so tickled at her requesting coke and orange juice next time she was in the car that she became a bit irritated with us.  Finally, I was able to convince her that she felt fine and that she was tired so back to bed she went.
  • My Whitman slept well during the night and was feeling good this morning-so was everyone else.  Anderson and Graham played some type of cowboy/indian game in our bedroom until we drug ourselves out of bed.  Anderson had a gun and Graham had a bow and arrow.  It had been awhile since they had played like that and even though Robby and I thought things would end badly, they never did.
  • Since Whitman had fever the night before, he stayed home with Robby.  Keaton got to stay home too since that would make things a bit easier for me.  Keaton wasn't too sure about this though.  She knew that she was getting to go to Nonna's house so she was ready to leave at the same time that we left.  
  • Robby kept her and Whitman busy while they stayed home from church.  They washed sheets, folded clothes and vacuumed the house.  I might just want for Robby to stay home every Sunday.  Actually, I am not too sure about that.
  • I survived church fine with the 3 kids and drop off was fine.  But since Robby was gone, that left me working in nursery and needing to pick up the kids at the same time.  Thankfully, the lady in there with me was nice and we only had 2 kids so I was able to leave a bit early so I could get my kiddos.  
  • Yes, on the way to church the kids did see the Christmas trees with names and gifts on them.  We had talked about trying to get there in time to grab and name and I would have walked by them without the kids spotting them.  They were thrilled that we found a girl and a boy to buy a gift for.  An alarm clock and a pink wallet-that is what was asked for.  And just a few hours later, my kids were pouring over today's ads saying "I want this and this and this and this."  Something isn't quite right with those two pictures.  
  • We beat Robby, Keaton and Whitman to Nonna's house.  Nonna and Pops had gotten into town yesterday from Arizona and picked up lunch for us.   The kids were happy to hear about their trip-especially the part where Nonna rode on a motorcycle.  And they really loved opening presents from them.  Hmm, my present and Robby's present must have still been packed in their suitcase!  (kidding Nonna!)
  • Once at home, everyone under 3 and over 8 had a nap and those from 3-8 watched a bit of tv.  Well, Robby and I tried to sleep-at one point we both jumped off of the couch when we heard a huge crash.  We thought it was the front windows-that is how loud it was.  Instead it was Campbell, hiding under Robby's desk.  She had knocked off his bucket of cords, wires and money that he took on the trip.  Now what was she doing under his desk, I do not know.  There were a few fights about who was going to hold the remote or who was going to get to hold the new toy gun from last night.  
  • Soon our phones were buzzing telling us to get a move on because it was time to head to choir.  We had hoped that Whitman was going to be able to go to class tonight since he hadn't had fever since last night-but as soon as we got that boy to church, his fever went up, his eyes started watering, his nose started running and he that child started looking pitiful again.  
  • So after the others finished choir, we had talked about heading home but Campbell really, really wanted to go to class.  And off to class she went while I strolled around and around and around the church house during church.  
  • I picked up Keaton and Campbell when church was almost over and soon we were all headed to the car.  At home, the kids changed into their pajamas-the new skill we are working on is turning their clothes from inside out to the right way before putting them in the laundry basket (wish us luck on that!)  
  • Since it was ice cream truck night, they had their ice cream and then they asked "are we going to have supper?"  Hmm, guess they were still hungry from their little supper snack they ate at 4:15.  Robby passed out tortillas with peanut butter to everyone and then it was off to bed for most.
  • We have decided that Keaton no longer wants to sleep in the bedroom with the others.  Today, she told Robby "Whit, Whit's bed."  So she was quickly moved to Whitman's bed in the bonus room and was immediately quiet.  
  • Poor Whitman probably wished that he was in his bed but instead he had to deal with Robby and me.  First we suctioned his nose, then we gave him tylonol, rubbed him down with vapor rub, changed his diapers and pajamas-actually only the first part was bad.  To suction his nose, we have to both hold him down-legs and arms  He screamed and fought us until he was dripping with sweat.  But afterwards, he could breath and was smiling again and with some milk he was sound asleep.

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