November 23, 2013

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Friends' birthday party fun!

  • Before 7, the kiddos were already talking-that doesn't go over too well on a Saturday morning.  Soon though the quiet kids had climbed into bed with us and the noisy kids were upstairs playing.  And the best child was still in his bed snoozing away.  If you are wondering who is who-the girls are the quiet kids, the boys are the noisy kids and my Whitman is the best!
  • Robby made breakfast this morning-cinnamon rolls.  And I guess that it is now time to start making 2 pans of cinnamon rolls since they were devoured.  Actually, when I made lunch with over 20 fish sticks and 15 hush puppies I decided that we might not need to let our Sams club membership expire.  
  • We didn't really do a whole lot this morning-Robby put on our flannel sheets, I straightened one side of the closet, he cleaned the bathroom floor, I folded laundry and we probably even did a few more chores than that.  
  • Robby did play a few rounds of air hockey along with 2 games of battleship.  Robby beat Anderson in their battleship game by 1 ship.  And he beat Reagan by one turn when they played.  We were all in the bonus room when the hogs came on tv so we all settled up there.
  • The kids watched the razorbacks play and they really got into the game.  Seriously, Anderson would yell so loud at the tv.  I made lunch and we all ate upstairs and then we continued watching the game.  Eventually, I put Keaton down for her nap and started snoozing right in the middle of the game and all of the fans cheering in our house.
  • Soon though the game was over and we came downstairs.  And finally it was time for Campbell to leave with me to Ava's birthday party.  Campbell had been asking me all day long when Keaton was going to wake up from her nap-that is when I told her that we would leave.  At first, Robby thought they would take us and then go eat somewhere while we were at the party.  He eventually changed his mind since there was no reason to leave the house (and spend more money)
  • There were lots of kids at the party that Campbell was at but she only knew the birthday girl and 2 others.  A magician was there so that was a neat experience-Campbell stood by me mostly but so wanted to sit by the birthday girl.  She did get to for a few minutes but someone edged her out of her spot.  Finally, after almost 2 hours it was time to go but Campbell did not understand why we were not going to stay and watch Ava open presents.  I bribed her with some coke to drink in the car and as we walked out, I tried to find the mom or birthday girl to thank but found neither.  In the car, Campbell started to cry again and said "but I didn't get to tell Ava bye."  I felt sorry for her but it was really time to go!
  • Robby had supper for everyone when we came home and then ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  Couldn't get much better than that.  Then we all watched The Price is Right before bed-another wonderful day.

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