November 16, 2013

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An unusual warm fall afternoon...

  • I jinxed myself about the kids sleeping in because they were up before 7 this morning.  And not just were they up but they were loud too.  Last weekend when Robby let everyone buy a toy at Dollar General, Graham bought a gun that makes the loudest noise when it is shot-click, click, click.  And of course no child can just click it one time, they have to click it over and over and over and over again.  So at 6:45 this morning, I stumbled up the stairs to snatch that silly gun out of Graham's hands.  And I haven't heard it again all day long-hmm, wonder where I stuck that thing in my sleepy daze.
  • Robby passed out breakfast and for some reason, breakfast is such an ordeal here.  Ordeal probably isn't the right word-the kids eat great, we have a menu but it is all of the dishes.  I don't know what we are doing wrong but breakfast is just a lot of work.  Poor Anderson was pretty sure that he was going to have to do his math before breakfast this morning.  He was so relieved to hear Robby say that this was no school day so he could eat with us.  (Oh, stop-I am not a mean mom.  My guess is that he will do his math more rapidly and finish before I can even pass breakfast out from now on.)
  • After breakfast, we loaded up for Babies R Us.  They had a thing that if you baby was born this year, then you could get a 10 dollar gift card.  So I hopped out of the car grabbing Whitman and walked in to get that gift card.  Of course, all of us getting out for a morning shopping trip cost us about 20 times that gift car by the time you add up our Sams and Kroger bills.  
  • We then stopped at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  The kids played very well and really were quite calm.  We played Candy Land and Go Fish over there and after everyone's snack, we loaded up for Sams.
  • Sams on a Saturday morning is like a special treat to my kiddos-well, and to me too.  It could have only been better if they had more samples out.  Reagan was pretty disappointed because they only had a few sampling stations this morning.  We looked at the books, the toys and spent quite a lot of time in the frozen foods.  
  • Frozen foods, you ask.  Well Robby and Reagan went to go and get an icee for us and we were in the freezer area when they left.  Robby forgot to get Whitman's stroller so that left me with the huge Sams shopping cart and Whitman in his stroller.  Of course, I had both boys who were more than capable of pushing Whitman (with lots of instructions from me--"slow down, stay behind me, don't spin him around, all 4 wheels on the floor)  
  • While waiting on them, we did walk up and down a few freezer aisles but I wanted Robby to be there so we could discuss what all to buy (I feel less guilty when he decides to buy things and put it in the cart-even if I would have bought it myself)  When they caught up with us, they not only had icees but cheese sticks.  So we stood in the freezer section eating cheese sticks and pouring icees into cups for the kids.  
  • Then I did some speed Kroger shopping while they ran to the gas station.  I tell you, there are a lot of people at Kroger on Saturday and of course my shopping abilities are not stellar and I have to always walk across the store a few times.  But I found what I needed and then rushed back to the car.
  • At home, the kids stayed outside while Robby vacuumed out the car.  They found a zillion and a half lady bugs-who knows where they are coming from.  Reagan quickly found her lady bug habitat and filled that thing up with lady bugs.  Whitman even rode in the wagon for a few minutes-he really loved that!
  • The boys had hair cuts and then showers for all of the kids.  After their showers, they helped me pick up and then everyone did their math getting a head start for Monday.  Graham then worked on his painting for his report, Anderson did some cutting for his and Reagan found a few places on the map for her report. 
  • Next up the kids help me pack the operation Christmas child boxes-of course, I had to dump every thing out of the boxes to let them pack them.  I had already made sure that every nook and cranny of the boxes would be filled.  This left the kids with a puzzle trying to get all of the items packed in the box neatly.  The boys just tried shoving the things in but Reagan did work diligently at packing them neatly.  
  • The big 3 watched a movie while the little 2 slept.  Campbell helped me make baby food for Whitman-today was green peas and green beans.   I haven't gone overboard making his food but by the time he finished his food that I have made, he will be able to start mostly table food.  We tried to bribe the kids with lots of cash for them to take 2 bites of the green peas and we had no takers.  Honestly, I hope that I can feed them to him with out gagging!
  • The plan had been to go to Pennington's tonight but they had a bug floating around so the McGuires came over here.  Thankfully, we had been to the store and were able to make soup (plan b would have been pb and j!)  The soup was good and Amber's brownies were great.  
  • The kids are getting older because they really left us alone (for the most part) and we were able to hang out.  We only had one kiddo to get in trouble (Graham for throwing legos off the balcony) but Robby corrected him and all was then well.
  • After they left, we quickly picked up and put everyone to bed.  Keaton was so tired that she wanted to sleep upstairs-she probably thought about having to walk down the steps and then up the others steps and thought that she couldn't possible make it without falling asleep!  It was another wonderful day!

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