November 20, 2013

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Cool cats!

  • Since Reagan had her tooth pulled yesterday, that meant that the tooth fairy had to make an appearance last night.  Reagan has wondered lately what the tooth fairy really looks like and has even asked me if I am the tooth fairy.  Of course, my standard reply is "do I look like the tooth fairy?"  And that quickly ends that conversation.  
  • My Graham, the thinker, will be the first one to stop believing in people like the tooth fairy and Santa.  Unless I distract him, he will ask me multiple questions about who she is, what she looks like, how she gets into the house and a host of other questions.  That child is just unique!
  • Back to the tooth fairy-since there had been so much discussion on her legitimacy, she had to step things up a bit.  So the dollar bill that was left (she forgot that a dollar is too much because that will be 120 bucks that the tooth fairy will have to shell out in the near future).  This dollar bill was special because it was sprinkled with glitter-everyone believes now.  (I better hide the glitter though!)
  • This was Bible study morning and Robby followed the breakfast menu (he has learned to embrace my lists) and made chocolate chip waffles for the kids (frozen of course.)  He left and within a few minutes, it was time for us to leave for Bible study.
  • We took our shoeboxes to the church house for them to mail some where for a child's Christmas.  Last year our boxes went to Mexico but I really hope it goes somewhere far off so we can mark it on our map (which I have been slacking on lately)  
  • The kids loves Bible study-seriously, adore it.  And I absolutely love that.  Today, Anderson, Graham and Campbell made aprons.  I was about to "file" them away when Anderson asked if Daddy was making a turkey this year.  I said no, he wouldn't be making a turkey this year (ha, we have never made a turkey.)  Then he said "well, I want to help him cook."-which come to think of it, I think I am offended that he didn't ask if I was going to be the one cooking.
  • After Bible study, we headed to Beebee's place for their Thanksgiving lunch.  Families were invited and Pops and I debated if we should all come (didn't want to overwhelm the place).   On the way there, I told the kids about what to expect and that we were going to eat the same food that everyone else was going to eat.  I got a question from Graham: "What kind of food do old people eat?"  
  • People were parking all over the parking lot, on the grass, on the side of the street, everywhere when we arrived.  I immediately started sweating about where I was going to park my bus.  God provided a perfect spot right at the front door-of course, it was a small spot, probably just for compact cars.  But I made it work!  
  • Once inside, I was delighted to see that my crew didn't overwhelm the place since there were at least 150 people there.  Nonna found us and took us to our room to eat.  Beebee was already there along with our food.  And thankfully, old people eat the same food as us so the kids were able to pick a bit at their Thanksgiving lunch.  My Whitman really loved cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.  I kept feeding him tiny bites of that even though I knew that he was probably going to spit it all up.  
  • Campbell kept wanting to go back to Beebee's room while we were eating.  It took just about the entire time for us to figure out that she wanted candy from Beebee's room.  And since I have forbidden them to ask for candy, she figured out a way around it.  Nonna saved the day and did go to get some candy for everyone to enjoy before we headed home.
  • On our way home, we had been watching Pinocchio and then changed to another movie.  Campbell started talking about what she wanted to be for Halloween.  She said that she wanted to be "Tokyo" for Halloween.  Hmm, I told her that I didn't know how we could dress her up like that city but I would try.  A bit later, one of my interpreters said "she meant Pinocchio."
  • At home, the kids rested but first we worked on their oral reports.  They are improving but who knows what tomorrow will hold.  Soon the afternoon was over and supper was on the table. The kids ate some but were too excited to see Robby and all of his groceries that he brought home.
  • A bit later, we headed to church with a quick stop to the library to pick up books.  Campbell and Graham were super hero costumes tonight for their classes-not really sure why tonight was super hero night but they enjoyed it.  And Graham enjoyed all of the attention from his blow up muscles.  
  • At home, the kids had some crackers and cheese before they all headed to bed.  Keaton is back to sleeping with the others but now when Robby tucks everyone in he always says "It is bed time, no talk time, time to look at the wall."  He doesn't want them to look over at Keaton and get her started talking-is that normal to tell your kids to look at the wall as you tuck them in?

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