November 2, 2013

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PJ and Pancakes Party at church!

  • This was a busier morning than most around here-6 kids to 3 different places-could have been 6 different places so I guess that we were lucky there.  Everyone was excited about where they were going so the kids were ready in a flash and mostly just waiting around on us to comb hair, put on socks, tie shoes, change diapers and all of the many other things.  
  • I dropped off Reagan and Whitman at Grannymom's house.  They watched a movie while eating breakfast. Then Lilly and Cash came over and played with Reagan. And Reagan spent the rest of the time on Grandpa's ipad. Whitman spent his time eating, jumping and grinning at everything else that was going on in the house.
  • Robby dropped the boys off at Wyatt and Owen's house. It was bring a friend to Karate day so they were able to tag along.  Since we had to drop them off early, they watched a few movies until it was time to go to Karate-one of those being the same movie that Reagan watched at Grannymom's house.  
  • At Karate, they broke real wooden boards.  Apparently this is a big deal and the instructor told them that they had to save the first board that they break.  Anderson came home and told me "we are supposed to put these in our memory box, if we even have a memory box."  I quickly and politely explained to my child that not only does he have a memory box, he has a completed baby book.  Their daddy even had to break a board when he came to pick them up-good thing I didn't go to pick them up.  We might still be there with me trying to break a board before I could get them.
  • Now the little girls were so excited about their pancake breakfast at church.  Keaton kept saying "party" over and over and Campbell was thrilled to wear her feetie pajamas.  And the party did not disappoint.  It was the cutest thing-first we had pancakes with all of the fixings-syrup, chocolate chips, bananas, whip cream, strawberries along with sausage.  They had orange juice, juice boxes and hot chocolate to drink.  The first activity was story time-we went to Ms. Jeannie's group for story time.  Then their was music time and you should have seen Campbell take care of her little sister.  And Keaton really surprises me what all she will do sometimes-she did just turn 2 but she acts quite a bit older.
  • Then it was game time-obstacle course racing to put on pjs, lay down and then set the table; knock down milk jugs with pancakes; pillowcase race; race with the pancake on a spatula and throwing the pancake in a bucket and matching the bowl of cereal to the box.  The girls had a blast and when they left they even had party favors-cereal bowls and a little box of cereal.  
  • When everyone made it home, we unloaded and then had lunch.  The kids were all pretty worn out from their mornings so soon Keaton was put to bed and the others relaxed while I worked on pulling out school for November (not my favorite thing to do but does make my days go much easier!)  I was able to work until it was time to leave again because Robby hung out with Whitman who now has an aversion to napping.  He likes to spend his time working on crawling-my guess is that he will be crawling by Thanksgiving.
  • Reagan had Cate's birthday party tonight-it was a campfire theme.  They made smores, guessed how many marshmallows were in the jar, ate a doughnut off of a string, jumped on the trampoline and just had a blast.  
  • While she was there the rest of us walked around Lowe's for a minute.  Then I ran into Walmart and did some speed shopping-I did grab a few non essentials but made it out of there with an alarm clock since the kids bit the dust today.  They had to have one since everyone knows what 7 is and can not get out of bed until 7.  We sure do not want anyone getting out of bed to check and see what time it is. 
  • Then we had a bite to eat at Burger King-not really our choice but the kids asked so we were good like that (and besides we bought us some ice cream for tonight to celebrate the extra hour)  We picked up Reagan and headed home.
  • After the kids changed into pajamas and they all had a tiny snack.  Keaton went to bed before everyone else and the others stayed up until I had finished working on school stuff (takes me about 2 solid hours without interruptions to get a month of school work out-but I did find a book that I had been missing)  I just had a bit to finish up tonight so it didn't take that long but Keaton was still good and asleep when we put everyone else to bed. 
  • It was another good day and the kids are excited about church tomorrow-or maybe they are excited about eating ice cream tomorrow night!

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