November 17, 2013

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A Sunday of bags....

  • The first picture from tonight shows all of the bags/stuff that I we carried to church this morning.  Look at all of that-a tad on the ridiculous side, right?  My bag carrying Bibles, Reagan's bag holding her Bible, Whitman's diaper bag, Keaton's diaper bag, a bag of clothes to change into at Grannymom's house, a bag of stuff that I had to return to Grannymom and presents to take to church for the children's home.  
  • By the time that we had left for church this morning, Campbell had worn 3 dresses, the boys had gone through 2 pairs of socks and that wasn't even counting the complete switch of church clothes that had happened the night before when I realized that the weather was going to be warm.  
  • Campbell's first dress was too small and then her second was great-until it was time to put on shoes and her black shoes were now too small.  So that meant a quick run upstairs for me to grab another dress.  While I was up there, I grabbed the boys new socks since they along with Keaton had walked all over the wet driveway in their sock feet letting out the lady bugs from yesterday.
  • We made it to church barely on time and that was with Robby dropping me and the 3 littles off at the door.  This worked out well-except for when it was time for me to find my way back to the car and I didn't know where he had parked.  Thankfully, the car is a bit easy to spot and I found it with little searching.
  • Now next up was lunch at Grannymom's house.  The kids gobbled up the lasagna today-I always think that I should keep a list of foods that the kids really enjoy but I never do.  After lunch, everyone played for a bit and then it was time to head home for a few minutes.
  • At home, the boys watched a movie, Robby, Keaton, Whitman and I napped and Campbell and Reagan made bracelets.  Now, Reagan wasn't able to watch a movie today because of some words she said to her brother early this morning.  She really enjoyed her project that she pulled out during her usual movie time so I do not think that she was punished enough to learn her lesson-we shall see though.
  • Soon it was time to rush around for church and we even made it 15 minutes early-with us we are early or late.  There is no on time.  Campbell enjoyed staying with us to eat a cookie in the coffee shop while the others were in choir.  Then it was class for her and church for everyone else.
  • Back at home we had a quick supper and then our ice cream truck.  After that it was bedtime for everyone-Whitman wasn't too pleased with that idea but is now asleep.  And Keaton is now on her second night in a row sleeping back upstairs in "Rearea's room."

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