November 27, 2013

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Mama's wishful thinking :)

  • Last night as I was just about to start doing some online Christmas shopping, our lights flickered, flickered again and then went out.  I guess God (and Robby) didn't think I needed to spend any money!  We sat in the complete darkness (except for the glow of our laptops) for awhile thinking things would pop back on.  It didn't and within minutes we were both convinced that it was already colder in our house.  
  • I called my dad to see if their lights were off and Robby found flashlights and covered up kids.  It is just dark without lights around here-thankfully the kids clock has a battery and their nightlight is made to come on when the power goes out so other than their fan being quiet they would never know about it (unless the house became too cold)
  • At first the entergy web site said it was coming on at 11 pm and then it said 11 am.  That second choice wasn't any good so we just covered up and went to bed.  We must have been sound asleep in just a few minutes because the lights did all pop on after 11.  
  • The kids were up early and I heard Campbell up on the bar talking to the fish.  She shouted at him (so he could hear her in that water) "Good morning, fishy."  That poor fish-his water has been sloshed today and when we brought him home the other day, Anderson said "when are we going to eat the fish?"  I might should just go and buy a replacement fish today to beat the Black Friday rush!
  • Once everyone was awake this morning, we started on school.  I told them that we just had to do half of school today and I would give them chores to do between their boxes of school work.  I was really amazed because this seemed to get things finished faster than usual.  We managed to do most of school (we do have the rest of the week and weekend to finish) and then we loaded up for Grannymom's house.
  • The kids were so excited to go to Grannymom's house and since Lilly and Cash were there as well, that was a double bonus.  I went shopping and was gone so long that Grannymom isn't going to let me out of her sight again for fear that I will run off on another shopping trip.  (And man, I still have a lot more on my list!)
  • While I was gone the kids had lunch, some made a craft, ran off some energy in the garage and were not thrilled at all to see me drive up.  Robby was already home working in the yard when we made it home so most of the kids rode their bikes while I unloaded the car.  
  • Soon the kids came in and we went through some clothes Aunt Shelley had sent us.  Reagan asked if there were any in there for her-I stared at her until she realized that Josh and Zach probably didn't have any clothes for her.  Then they played while I worked on our fabulous supper.
  • After supper, we worked on picking the upstairs up and then watched a Price is Right.  Reagan noticed one of the models dress and said that she wanted a dress like that.  I told her that dress was too short and boys would just look at your legs if she wore that dress.  Robby had also noticed the dress and then asked "she had legs?"  Hmm, he didn't notice her legs-wonder what he noticed?  Later, Reagan said that she wanted to work on Price is Right when she gets older.  Wonderful, just wonderful.
  • It had maybe been 5 minutes after tucking the kids in that I remembered that I hadn't taken their pictures today.  So I ran up there and Keaton was already sound asleep and the others were at varying degrees of sleepiness as you can tell by the pictures.  Reagan and Anderson were still going strong.  
  • I have also started working on some speech therapy with Whitman.  He apparently can't say anything but "dada" so we are working to change that.  

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