November 4, 2013

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Carrot peeling...

  • Around 1:30, Campbell came downstairs and said that Keaton wanted me.  I hadn't heard anything on the monitor and didn't hear anything but I sure didn't risk going up there and waking Keaton or anyone else up.  And since Campbell looked so cozy in her feetie pajamas, I just scooted over and had her cuddle up with me.
  • At 5:30 when Whitman woke up, Robby asked when Campbell had joined us.  We must have been all snuggled up together if he didn't know she was in our bed.  Seriously, at one time in our marriage we had a king size bed but then we downsized.  I am thinking that it is about time to upsize-maybe to an Alaska king size bed-9 feet by 9 feet. 
  • The kids were "starving" by the time I had my 3 minute shower this morning.  While I worked on breakfast, the kids worked on writing something that they are thankful for on the chalkboard.  The plan is to have that board filled up by Thanksgiving-so far we have the obvious answers plus "candy" and a few other things like "a big backyard."
  • School was fine today-nothing broken and no one injured!  Graham is starting to add big numbers (100+300), Anderson finally tied his shoe (yep, that is considered school), Reagan is on her very last lesson of her second grade math book, Campbell decided what she was going to wear for Book Character Day at school, Keaton just made a mess and Whitman spent the morning trying to eat any paper that he could roll to.
  • For some reason, we were really far behind and were eating lunch around 1.  The kids helped me with a zillion chores and I had them working until after 2.  That is when we put Keaton to bed and the others watched a movie.  Well, Campbell didn't watch the movie-she peeled carrots for me, worked the blender while I made pumpkin baby food and then cleaned a few light fixtures.  She was busier than me this afternoon.
  • When Robby finally made it home, the kids were wild but we soon had dinner (red beans and rice) on the table.  And after dinner, the kids re-did the oral reports so we could film it.  Then, of course, we watched the video of everyone doing their oral reports before calling it a night.

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