November 24, 2013

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Everyone loves ice cream truck night!

  • Doughnut day is a big day around here. Keaton was so excited to have her breakfast that she insisted on eating while wearing just her diaper-her pajamas and diaper were wet when she came down stairs.  Sitting on our breezy kitchen just wearing a diaper is a true love of doughnuts-actually, she probably was more excited about her milk than the doughnuts.
  • My boys were excited about something else this morning-seeing their cousins, Josh and Zach.  We had to keep reminding them that we were going to church before going to Grannymom's house to see those cousins.  
  • In big church this morning, they had the preschoolers come into church to recognize them since they have raised a good bit of money for our new church building.  So our row was quite busy looking for Campbell-who walked right by us but never saw any of us.  Later though I did catch her waving at someone who I assume was Robby since she said she saw him.  We heard that Keaton was in there somewhere but we never found her and Whitman was snoozing so he didn't get to come in.  
  • During the next service, Graham went in with his class, Campbell went in again and Keaton rode in the wagon this time.  I had Whitman with me in the hallway but instead of going in ourselves, we just watched all of the commotion in the hall.
  • After church, it was time for lunch at Grannymom's house.  The boys were thrilled to see Josh and Zach.  Anderson clung to Josh and Graham to Zach.  Zach was wondering around trying to find a place to sit from 1 of the 3 tables that were set for us.  Graham was following Zach closely trying to grab a seat right beside him.  And behind them I was trying to follow Graham to set his plate down in front of him.  
  • We stayed much of the afternoon so the kids could play and play they did-including a game of tag in the garage, making a cage for Keaton (she is really a perfect child to lay on the floor and let the kids build a cage around her) and playing a few games.
  • Eventually it was time to go and we joined all of the other weather panicked shoppers at Kroger.  Robby ran in to buy a few essentials for our Sunday evening-ice cream.  Then we tried out the new Starbucks with a caramel apple cider-let me tell you that is the very, very best drink ever.  
  • We ran home for a few minutes-the kids just stayed in the car while Robby and I unloaded and reloaded the car.  I made snacks for the ride to church and he made supper for the ride home from church.  
  • Campbell joined us for cookie club tonight while the other kids were at choir.  Sometimes we keep Whitman with us during our coffee shop stop but today I sent him on to his class.  He has a new habit that I am not too pleased with-saying "dada."  I personally think he is just babbling even though he will say it occasionally and grin at his daddy.  But a "mama" would be much appreciated. 
  • Back at home tonight the kids enjoyed their ice cream and then headed to bed.  Reagan has a sleep over tomorrow night so she was busy planning what all she was going to take as I closed the door tonight.  

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